Chapter 587 - Perhaps, Him Alone In 10,000 Years

Chapter 587 – Perhaps, Him Alone In 10,000 Years

Two months, and Lin Ming still hadn’t come out!

As the time passed 61 days, the news rapidly spread throughout Skysplit Tower. The time that Lin Ming had been in the King’s Cage for had already surpassed the Eightfall War Emperor’s record!

This was the creation of a new legend! The only one to do so in 10,000 years!

Soon, not only did the martial artists of the third level know, but even those of the second floor and first floor. Although these people didn’t know what it meant to stay in the King’s Cage for two months, what they did know was that Lin Ming was the first to do so in the last recorded 10,000 years. Even the mortals in Skysplit Tower were awed by this.

“The first in 10,000 years. I never thought this could happen, ever!”

In a simple teahouse, Muk Gu was sampling tea, listening to the surrounding martial artists speak. He had been on the second floor for the last several days visiting his sister, and now that he learned this, he felt it a bit incredible himself.

“Maybe after a few dozen more years, the Holy Demon Continent will have another Eightfall War Emperor!”

In front of Muk Gu, Muk Qing was eating cake. She thought for a moment and said, “It’s been a year...

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