Chapter 586 - Chaos Prison

Chapter 586 – Chaos Prison

From the late Xiantian to extreme Xiantian, this increase in cultivation wouldn’t cause Lin Ming’s relative strength to rise by much.

But from extreme Xiantian to Revolving Core, that was a massive leap!

Within the Sky Spill Continent, a Xiantian martial artist could be haughty and arrogant within a small mortal country. But, a Revolving Core master could actually dominate their own area, creating their own sect.

After swallowing down some recovery pills, Lin Ming didn’t even have time to heal before a new cage came shrouding down on him, closing him in once more.

But the Heavenly Demon force field hadn’t weakened in the slightest. It still enveloped Lin Ming, making it difficult for him to even regenerate his wounds.

“Once this Heavenly Demon force field comes down, it won’t weaken even if I break apart the cage. As long as I stay in the King’s Cage, every day I do means I will have to withstand the pressure of the Heavenly Demon force field for another day!”

This covered every tiny unit in his body, and even his soul came under heavy pressure. This feeling left one gasping for breath. And what was most frightening was that the Heavenly Demon force field slowly strengthened over time.

This was why even a top...

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