Chapter 585 - Heavenly Demon Force Field

Chapter 585 – Heavenly Demon Force Field

“Penetrating Rainbow!”

Lin Ming gave a loud shot, opening the Heretical God Force to the limit. On the Purple Comet Spear, the Concepts of Thunder and Fire began to unceasingly blend together. Man and spear became one, turning into a comet that smashed into the black barrier.


The black barrier viciously trembled. Under the impact of this unrivaled force, the black barrier completely shattered.

Lin Ming ran out of the King’s Cage once more.


Lin Ming had continuously broken through three cages. To him, this wasn’t too difficult.

At this time, a fluid conscious thought entered into Lin Ming’s mind once again, passing a wordless message to him.

“Mm? After breaking through the first three cages, that completes the basic test for a Titled Asura and I can choose to leave after…”

Lin Ming saw that not too far away, a light appeared out of thin air. After a while, it actually formed into a transmission array. According to what he had just learned, he could leave the King’s Cage as long as he stepped into the transmission array.

“Should I leave the King’s Cage or continue practicing?

“Of course I’ll continue!”

Lin Ming estimated that only four hours or so had passed since he entered. He certainly wouldn’t...

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