Chapter 584 - Opening the Cage

Chapter 584 – Opening the Cage

“Ridiculous? Hahaha!” Maha laughed. “Letting you practice for so long in Skysplit Tower is already letting you take advantage of us. Now we are even letting you leave with your life intact, but you still have such much nonsense to babble on about. Do you still not understand anything? Here, strength is everything! You’d better be smart enough to know what to do, or else, if you want to do things the hard way… hehe…” Maha’s words ended here with a sneer. The meaning behind this threat was very obvious. Of course, he didn’t dare to speak this out publicly and instead used a true essence sound transmission.

“So you’re saying that someone’s going to come and deal with me? I wonder who you’re going to send. The Heavenly Demon Seven Stars? A High Lord?” Lin Ming aggressively responded, simply unafraid of Maha.

If Lin Ming was really assassinated then that would truly be a troublesome matter. Lin Ming was simply too strong; killing him would make a giant mess of things. If a High Lord personally acted then that would be blatantly violating Skysplit Tower’s rules. If that time came, then the rumor of ‘all the strong people who go to Skysplit Tower will be killed’ would spread...

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