Chapter 583 - Give You One Day to Leave

Chapter 583 – Give You One Day to Leave

With his original arrogance dashed away, the Imp visibly withered. But one couldn’t blame him for being so scared. A Titled Asura was simply too terrifying. For instance, take the Eightfall Asura Hao Gan. He finally achieved eight stages of Life Destruction and earned the great title of Eightfall War Emperor.

Among Emperors at his same level, no one was his match. Even old monsters born thousands of years ago greatly feared the Eightfall War Emperor and gave him his due respect.

If one wanted to win against the Eightfall War Emperor, they needed to achieve an absolute superiority through their cultivation. Otherwise, they would be ruthlessly oppressed by the Eightfall War Emperor.

Thinking that Lin Ming would become such a person in the future, the Imp felt his scalp tingle.

If he truly offended such a person, then even Skysplit Tower would not be able to protect him. Thus, he nodded and timidly said, “Sir Lin, this little servant will leave first.”

The Imp left like he was fleeing. He didn’t dare to mention the matter of pledging allegiance again to Lin Ming.

What a joke. Of Skysplit Tower’s 12 High Lords, besides the Chief High Lord who was also the Tower Master, the other 11...

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