Chapter 583 - Give You One Day to Leave

Chapter 583 – Give You One Day to Leave

With his original arrogance dashed away, the Imp visibly withered. But one couldn’t blame him for being so scared. A Titled Asura was simply too terrifying. For instance, take the Eightfall Asura Hao Gan. He finally achieved eight stages of Life Destruction and earned the great title of Eightfall War Emperor.

Among Emperors at his same level, no one was his match. Even old monsters born thousands of years ago greatly feared the Eightfall War Emperor and gave him his due respect.

If one wanted to win against the Eightfall War Emperor, they needed to achieve an absolute superiority through their cultivation. Otherwise, they would be ruthlessly oppressed by the Eightfall War Emperor.

Thinking that Lin Ming would become such a person in the future, the Imp felt his scalp tingle.

If he truly offended such a person, then even Skysplit Tower would not be able to protect him. Thus, he nodded and timidly said, “Sir Lin, this little servant will leave first.”

The Imp left like he was fleeing. He didn’t dare to mention the matter of pledging allegiance again to Lin Ming.

What a joke. Of Skysplit Tower’s 12 High Lords, besides the Chief High Lord who was also the Tower Master, the other 11 High Lords weren’t even heaven-step Asuras. There were also many of them who weren’t even earth-step Asuras, so how could they expect a Titled Asura to subordinate himself to them?

There were many names on the King Tablet, but that was the total accumulation of 10,000 years. It was the converging of all the heroic young talents of the entire Holy Demon Continent. Let alone a heaven-step Asura, even an ordinary Asura was a peerless genius of their generation.

The Imp rushed to the transmission array as fast as he could, directly passing to the fourth floor where the High Lord was.

“Sir Heian, there is very bad news!”

The Imp was originally short. Coupled with his fat body, he looked like a round bouncing ball as he rushed up, stumbling and rolling through the corridor.

High Lord Heian frowned as he looked at the panicked Imp. He coldly shouted, “What are you so flustered about?!”

The plump Imp knelt on the ground, out of breath, “Sir, it’s bad, Lin Ming has become a Titled Asura and earned the smelting trial qualifications!”

“I know already!” High Lord Heian coldly replied, his face glowering. In truth, he was among the first to learn that Lin Ming had become a Titled Asura. He had no need for this man to tell him that again.

When he first learned this news he was also alarmed, completely horrified. A Titled Asura… there was too much meaning behind that. This sort of character even surpassed the scope of Skysplit Tower. It involved the race war of the entire Holy Demon Continent!

As the Imp saw High Lord Heian remain silent, he didn’t know what to make of things. He weakly proposed, “Sir… Lin Ming promised a moment ago that he wouldn’t be enemies with us. Perhaps we can take a look at this and… change our strategies. We can remain on good terms with Lin Ming and not provoke him… if we do, then in the future…”

“Humph! Stupid!” High Lord Heian coldly shouted. The Imp was frightened. He instantly prostrated on the floor, no longer daring to say anything more.

“That Eightfall War Emperor is already the best example. If we raise a tiger then that is just drawing disaster back onto us! It will inevitably bite back! If we let another human become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon and they later become a Divine Sea Supreme Elder, then the foundation of the Blood Slaughter Steppes will be shaken!”

High Lord Heian no longer thought that Lin Ming might sign the soul contract to obey Skysplit Tower. A talent of this level was a dragon in a deep pool; their potential was limitless. How would they be willing to let others put shackles on them? Let alone him, even that heaven-step Asura Feng Shen refused to sign the soul contract. They were individuals whose pride reached the pinnacle. Would they ever be willing to be dogs for other people?

However, Feng Shen’s background was extraordinary. The powerhouse behind him negotiated with the Tower Master and received a personal guarantee. Finally, Skysplit Tower was willing to compromise.

But Lin Ming was different. No one had managed to discover what major power lay behind Lin Ming, supporting him. But even if they did, that power could only be an enemy.

This was because Lin Ming was a human.

Just the Eightfall War Emperor caused Skysplit Tower to have restless nights, so how could they allow another human to rise to the position of a Supreme Elder and threaten the Blood Slaughter Steppes?

High Lord Heian was bleak as he stood up. He strode directly towards the meeting hall…


Lin Ming looked at the door of light in front of him. Behind this door of light was a minor dimension. This was the King’s Cage for a Titled Asura! This Skysplit Tower simply had too many sealed dimensions within it. It was hard to imagine who was the one that initially created Skysplit Tower.

Behind Lin Ming were many martial artists standing around. They were onlookers.

Two hours ago, Lin Ming became a Titled Asura. This news already spread through the third floor like a blazing tornado. Nearly everyone had heard this unbelievable news.

Prior to this, a Titled Asura was like a fairy tale to them. They never imagined that such a thing would happen near them. This event gave off too fantastical a feeling, as if they were living a dream.

In just a few minutes, a massive number of martial artists had gathered at the special practice area entrance. They all wanted to take a gander at the stone tablet. But, there weren’t actually many that had the authority to enter. Most of them could only join in on the fun by watching through the other side of the door.

After seeing the King Tablet, others couldn’t help but sigh in praise. Some people even used a battle array disc to record a phantom image of the name so that others outside could see.

But more people even went to the entrance of the King’s Cage, waiting for Lin Ming to enter.

At this moment, no one in the room was speaking. Most of them were just curiously looking at the door to the King’s Cage, wanting to know what the difference was with a Titled Asura level King’s Cage.

“Sir Lin, entering the King’s Cage requires 20 slaughter points. In your life, you can only enter the King’s Cage one time, and your skeletal age must be less than 30 years too. There is no time limit inside. Are you ready to enter?” Deacon Bai respectfully asked.

“I am!”

Regardless of what rank King’s Cage one entered, it still cost 20 slaughter points.

By obtaining a high level smelting trial qualification, the benefits were naturally much greater.

If one only obtained normal Saint level qualifications, or even an ordinary qualification, then there wasn’t much meaning in entering.

The qualification one obtained all depended on their own individual ability. A Titled Asura level King’s Cage was a rare experience. It was said that after the Eightfall War Emperor entered the King’s Cage, he was then able to comprehend the Laws of Space and Time. This set down the solid foundation for his future achievement of becoming an unstoppable powerhouse within his level!

However, everyone’s fortunes within the King’s Cage were different. Lin Ming wouldn’t necessarily be the same as the Eightfall War Emperor. Whether he could come across the Concept of Space or something else was unknown.

“Sir Lin, please confirm that you have sufficient food and water. In addition, this is an escape talisman. Upon entering the King’s Cage, it is possible that you will encounter an extremely dangerous or life-threatening situation. If you find that you cannot withstand it, then you can use this escape talisman to exit.”

As Deacon Bai spoke, he gave Lin Ming a transmission talisman.

Although this was a talisman, it was actually carved from jade. It was similar to the escape symbol that Mu Fengxian had given to Lin Ming. The escape symbol could transmit one to a farther distance and also any space, whilst the escape talisman that Deacon Bai gave him could only transmit one to a fixed point within Skysplit Tower, not just that, but it was a very short distance.

“Thank you Deacon Bai.” Lin Ming had a good impression of this Deacon Bai. He didn’t think he would need to use this transmission symbol, but the longer he stayed in the King’s Cage, the greater his harvests would be.

Although he thought that, the truth was that it was impossible to stay in the King’s Cage forever. The longer one stayed in, the more difficult it became. At some point it would become unbearable and thus they he would have to leave.

Generally, a heroic young elite from a top fourth-grade sect or a bottom fifth-grade sect would be able to stay in the King’s Cage for around 10 days of time.

On a higher step, those young outstanding youths that were listed as Asuras on the King Tablet could last 15 days to a month.

For instance, the number one ranked Heavenly Demon Seven Stars and also a heaven-step Asura, Feng Shen, was able to stay inside for 28 days.

As for the worse Yan Chi, who was listed as an earth-step Asura, he stayed within for 21 days.

According to legends, almost 3000 years ago, the person that stayed in the King’s Cage for the longest period of time was the Eightfall War Emperor. He stayed inside for an entire two months!

Beneath the Eightfall War Emperor was the Netherworld Asura Mo Kun, who stayed inside for 45 days.

There were great disparities even between Titled Asura.

As for the first Sky Ghost Asura Shentu Hongxi, because those were events from 8000 years ago, the records were unclear and there were several versions of myths. It was unknown how long the real Shentu Hongxi stayed within the King’s Cage.

After taking several deep breaths and adjusting his condition to its peak, Lin Ming’s eyes burned with a brilliant fighting spirit. He was earnestly awaiting the challenge of the King’s Cage!

As he was about to step forwards, at this moment, a voice called out for him.

“Stop right there!”


Lin Ming turned around to see that the representative that High Lord Heian sent out had reappeared. And, in front of him was a Giant Demon wearing a black suit of armor with a cape thrown over his shoulder. His body was solid and tight as if it were sculpted of iron, his muscles nearly bursting from his armor. His eyes seemed to flash like lightning.

From this Giant Demon man’s body, Lin Ming sensed a terrifying aura. This fellow was absolutely a master!

Lin Ming frowned, “What is it?”

Around Lin Ming, many other martial artists saw the caped man and their expressions changed.


“Maha is the third ranked amongst the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars!”

Some people immediately recognized the caped Giant Demon’s identity. On Skysplit Tower’s third floor, Maha’s strength far surpassed Da Gu’s.

“This fellow is Maha?” As Lin Ming looked at the caped Giant Demon, he was slightly startled. He had already heard of Maha’s name all the way back in Sun Flood City.

“You are Lin Ming!” Maha looked at Lin Ming, his pitch black eyes seemed as if they could see through Lin Ming.

“Why are you looking for me?”

“Hehe.” Maha’s laugh was like gravel. “There are some things that I wish to talk to you about. Come with me.”

“No need. If you need to say something, then say it here. I’m busy with my practice.” Lin Ming’s voice was calm, but it carried a faintly keen aura.

“Humph.” After being directly rejected by Lin Ming, Maha was a bit annoyed. “Your practice can wait!”

“The High Lord has spoken. He gives you one day to leave Skysplit Tower. You’ve already been at Skysplit Tower for over a year and a half. You’ve already gained a great harvest here. You’ve accumulated a great deal of infernal energy, made gains in practice, and also become extremely wealthy. People should know just how far they can reach, and be content with what they have lest they overreach.” Maha used a true essence sound transmission to speak. This sort of implicit threat went against Skysplit Tower’s rules. Naturally, he couldn’t speak publicly.

“You want me to leave? I’ve just obtained the qualifications to enter the Titled Asura King’s Cage, and you want me to leave? Is there anything more ridiculous in this world?” Lin Ming angrily laughed. If he left here, then he’d really be letting others bully him to the extreme.

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