Chapter 582 - Titled Asura

Chapter 582 – Titled Asura

Two hours and a quarter. That was the same time that Feng Shen lasted in his own smelting trial. Because martial artists had different levels of strength, their trials also had correspondingly different difficulties, thus the results would also be different. How much time passed was only a single factor of many.


A figure shot out from the door of light, stepping onto the ground. This was Lin Ming!

The clothes on Lin Ming’s right hand were torn and dyed red with blood. But, it seemed fine overall. It should have been a minor wound, and in addition there wasn’t a scar. It was just that his clothes were slightly messy and his breath was a bit unsteady. He had clearly over consumed his energy.

Yan Chi’s eyes flashed. If he wasn’t injured too heavily, then that meant his results were decent.

“This boy!” Yan Chi said with a tinge of envy.

As for Feng Shen, his eyes were still calm and detached as he looked at Lin Ming. Then, his eyes turned to the King Tablet.

At the very top of the stone tablet where the heaven-step Asuras were located, the entire stone tablet including the letters themselves were shrouded underneath an opaque golden light. One couldn’t clearly see, but one could approximate the letters...

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