Chapter 581 - Purple Comet, Penetrating Rainbow

Chapter 581 – Purple Comet, Penetrating Rainbow

The black space storm swept through the sky as if it were devouring all. This was the union of the Concept of Time and the Concept of Space. These complex Concepts made travel through this storm even more difficult.

Lin Ming’s eyes shrank. Facing this great black space storm, he grew even more excited. But the difference from a moment ago was that this excitement had a tinge of solemnity.

The Concept of Time was fused into this space storm. While he needed to adapt to the power of space, he also needed to adjust the passage of time around him to fit the Law of Space here.

Diverting his mind in two directions was not easy.


Lin Ming decided on a space-time node, his spear thrusting out.

With a spiraling potency, the spear light shot into the black storm. It formed into a twisting ripple, but just as this ripple appeared it immediately slowed down like a fish caught in mud.

“The time is wrong.”

Lin Ming drew back, escaping the a turbulent space flow that passed near him. He adapted to the flow of time once again.

Cha cha cha!

Spear thrust after spear thrust formed beautiful spiral ripples, every one like an arrow entering into water. These strikes caused ripples in the space storm that propagated for dozens of feet. Because of the intense collision from the power of space, these...

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