Chapter 580 - Qualification Trial

Chapter 580 – Qualification Trial

Only three people had become Titled Asuras in the last 10,000 years? Lin Ming’s eyebrows twisted together. Skysplit Tower could not be compared to the South Horizon Region. The South Horizon Region was a small region about a million miles wide. As for Skysplit Tower, it was a place where nearly every young genius within the Holy Demon Continent that walked the killing path came to. These were the most outstanding youths among those that cultivated the demonic arts.

It had to be known that the Holy Demon Continent had a very complex racial situation. There were great wars nearly every year, and the number of talents surpassed the Sky Spill Continent by far. Not just that, but of the Giant Demon martial artists, 70 to 80% of them walked the killing road. The Blood Slaughter Steppes could be called the land where they all gathered.

Even so, Polaris Tower only had a total of three Titled Asuras in the last 10,000 years. Even if the other 11 Skysplit Towers were added together, this was just a bit over 30 individuals. Obviously, this was an extremely rare title.

Lin Ming asked, “There have only been three people in the last 10,000 years… have these three finally become Peerless Emperors?”

The middle-aged man was smugly silent. The martial...

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