Chapter 578 - The Origin of the Black Glass Bead

Chapter 578 – The Origin of the Black Glass Bead

“About these practice areas, I don’t have much knowledge because for the majority of them, I simply don’t have the right to enter.” Da Gu said, somewhat helplessly.

“Even you don’t have the authority to enter? Is your strength lacking? Do only the third floor’s first and second rankers have a chance of entering?” Lin Ming said, surprised.

“It’s not that…” Da Gu shook his head, “To enter these places, you need to fulfill specific requirements… you need to be one of the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars as well as pledging yourself to Skysplit Tower. Both of these are absolutes. I wasn’t willing to work for them, so I don’t have the qualifications to access these areas.

“Pledging myself to Skysplit Tower…” Lin Ming frowned. He already had a feeling that something like this was the case. On the second floor, Xing Tian and Xue Man seemed to be working for some high level figure in Skysplit Tower. Without any doubt, they were most likely the subordinates of some High Lord.

Otherwise, with Xing Tian’s trivial status as the king of the second floor, how would he have the ability to comprehend something as elusive as the Concept of Annihilation? And to also have a black glass bead that Kai Yang would be moved to action for.

If Lin Ming wasn’t wrong, then Xing Tian had been favored greatly by a High Lord, thus he had been granted this bead.

Da Gu...

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