Chapter 577 - 87 Slaughter Points

Chapter 577 – 87 Slaughter Points

Fighting Lin Ming was a declaration handed down by Skysplit Tower, there was no way to refuse.

Lin Ming had to face continuous matches, so Ming Sun was the second to go out. He thought that he had hit the jackpot and he would be able to easily defeat Lin Ming, but now it seemed as if he had run out of luck.

If Lin Ming only had that single Chasing Thunder, then Ming Sun was confident he could deal with it. But with Lin Ming’s current combat state, it seemed that Chasing Thunder was only a minor ability of his, otherwise, he wouldn’t have used it as soon as he came onstage. He could even do so three times without losing his breath.

Ming Sun had deep suspicions that when Lin Ming had fought Yan Hu, he hadn’t even used half of his strength.

If that were so, then his chance of winning this fight was at most 10 to 20%!

“Lord Ming Sun, please enter the stage!” The referee called out as he saw Ming Sun morosely sitting in the stands without response.

The other martial artists in the stands were all looking at Ming Sun. Some were sympathetic, some were gloating, and there were even some that thought Ming Sun would defeat Lin Ming.

“I understand.”

Ming Sun’s voice was gloomy as he slowly trod onto the arena stage.

“If you’re...

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