Chapter 576 - Crush

Chapter 576 – Crush

On the martial arena, facing these roiling brown waves of earth in the air, Lin Ming shook his hand, the Purple Comet Spear’s point trembling. “You want to use your defense to block my attack? How interesting! You seem to have confidence in your defensive ability. Is it known as the absolute defense?”

“Humph! Why don’t you test whether or not it is an absolute defense? Stop trying to play mind tricks and take my move – Beast Trapping Cage!”

Yan Hu pounded down the sledgehammer in his hands. A wave of earth-attribute true essence rose up in all directions, trapping Lin Ming within and limiting his ability to dodge.

“Say hi to my hammer!”

Yan Hu was like a massive bear as he jumped up. With both his hands gripped on his sledgehammer, he smashed down with all his might. Yan Hu did not excel at speed, thus he trapped Lin Ming into this Beast Trapping Cage in order to use his strongest strike. This move also contained the Concept of Earth. Combined with Yan Hu’s terrifying strength and the massive weight of the hammer, even a mountain would be smashed apart by him!

“The Concept of Earth, that’s so rarely seen!” Normally, the Goliaths and Giant Demons’ demon essence did not have this attribute. But, Yan Hu was unexpectedly skilled in the Concept of Earth; this was indeed rare.

Lin Ming...

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