Chapter 576 - Crush

Chapter 576 – Crush

On the martial arena, facing these roiling brown waves of earth in the air, Lin Ming shook his hand, the Purple Comet Spear’s point trembling. “You want to use your defense to block my attack? How interesting! You seem to have confidence in your defensive ability. Is it known as the absolute defense?”

“Humph! Why don’t you test whether or not it is an absolute defense? Stop trying to play mind tricks and take my move – Beast Trapping Cage!”

Yan Hu pounded down the sledgehammer in his hands. A wave of earth-attribute true essence rose up in all directions, trapping Lin Ming within and limiting his ability to dodge.

“Say hi to my hammer!”

Yan Hu was like a massive bear as he jumped up. With both his hands gripped on his sledgehammer, he smashed down with all his might. Yan Hu did not excel at speed, thus he trapped Lin Ming into this Beast Trapping Cage in order to use his strongest strike. This move also contained the Concept of Earth. Combined with Yan Hu’s terrifying strength and the massive weight of the hammer, even a mountain would be smashed apart by him!

“The Concept of Earth, that’s so rarely seen!” Normally, the Goliaths and Giant Demons’ demon essence did not have this attribute. But, Yan Hu was unexpectedly skilled in the Concept of Earth; this was indeed rare.

Lin Ming flourished the Purple Comet Spear and opened 60% of the Heretical God Force. Above the Purple Comet Spear, thick arcs of electricity violently turned like a dance of purple snakes.

Chasing Thunder!


Lin Ming’s figure instantly vanished. After making significant progress in the Concept of Thunder, Lin Ming’s Chasing Thunder was far different from the time that he had used it to kill Hong Zhong.

With a ‘kacha’, the Beast Trapping Cage instantly exploded from within. Lin Ming attack continued unabated. The spear was like a bolt of lightning as it pierced towards Yan Hu!

This speed was far too extreme. Yan Hu’s sledgehammer was only midway in the air; to use his weapon to block Lin Ming’s attack was naturally impossible.

Yan Hu’s pupils shrank. Absolute Defense!

Browned waves of energy fiercely swept into the air, forming a thick barrier in front of Yan Hu.


Chasing Thunder’s dazzling radiance pierced through the barrier. The sharp spear light passed through layers and layers of earth origin energy, weakening along the way until only a tiny wisp of it pricked Yan Hu’s body.

With an explosive sound, the barrier of earth origin energy shattered in half. Yan Hu was like a massive rubber ball that was kicked backwards!


Yan Hu fell onto the ground. His organs were injured, and the blood in his body tumbled, his face flushing red.

“it was just a tiny wisp of spear light yet it’s powerful to this extent?” Yan Hu jumped up from the ground, his heart shaken. After this wisp of spear light entered his body, it began to ruthlessly destroy his meridians and organs. Not just that, but it had an endlessly growing property too it. It was only with great difficulty that he was able to suppress it.

However, he had finally been able to block that strike!

Yan Hu breathed heavily. He reinforced the absolute defense around his body and looked at Lin Ming.

If he could defend against Chasing Thunder, then that meant he had the ability to win this battle.

If Lin Ming could not break his defense, he was in an invulnerable position!

“Yan Hu’s defense is truly fierce. Lin Ming’s strike was even more potent than when he fought against Hong Zhong. But, it was still blocked by Yan Hu. The earth-attribute demon essence fluctuations in that shield are ingeniously done. It used multiple layers in order to weaken Lin Ming’s attack.”

The audience all had extraordinary eyesight. They had seen the mystery behind what just happened.

“Mm. Yan Hu’s utilization of the Concept of Earth is excellent. In defense, it really does need the Concept of Earth. If it were any other Concept, then they would have been defeated by that strike.”

“I don’t know if Lin Ming can use Chasing Thunder multiple times or whether he has other master moves. A technique like Chasing Thunder seems like it is bound to cause a great burden on one’s body and true essence reserves. If Lin Ming uses that skill two or three times but still can’t break through Yan Hu’s defense, then he will be in danger.”

Above the martial stage, Yan Hu had already stood up. Waves upon waves of yellow earth covered him as he confronted Lin Ming from a distance.

“If you have any other moves, then use them. I know that you are still hiding some finishing moves in your hand, and I will follow every one of them! If you keep hiding them, then you won’t have a chance to use any of them!” Yan Hu suddenly yelled at Lin Ming, saying that he could defend against any of Lin Ming’s hidden killer moves. The truth was that he wasn’t too sure, but as long as he could block all of these attacks, then victory was his! If he couldn’t block them, then nothing but death awaited him!

“Other moves?” Lin Ming faintly smiled. “I don’t need to. Dealing with you, just this move is enough!”

His mind touched upon the Heretical God Seed. Lin Ming’s Heretical God Force opened to 80%!

Chasing Thunder!

Before Yan Hu had a chance to respond, Lin Ming became one with his spear, turning into a dazzling beam of light!

A purple flash of light pierced through space. It was like a god throwing down a purple spear!


This strike was even more violent than the one before it. The absolute defense of earth was shattered by this lightning, causing all of the origin energy fluctuations to collapse and be destroyed. Yan Hu gave a pitiful cry as he flew backwards. More spear lights flushed into his body, causing him to shake and spit out a mouthful of blood.

Whilst Yan Hu’s body was still high in the air, Lin Ming had instantly appeared on the other end of the martial arena stage!

This sudden change caused everyone present to widen their eyes. However, they too didn’t have enough time to respond. Lin Ming spun his spear and swiveled around.

Heretical God Force – 100%!

Chasing Thunder!

With this third Chasing Thunder, Lin Ming turned into a bright ray of light again. Spear light spread through the entire martial arena!


The absolute defense around Yan Hu broke apart like a disintegrating rock, completely ruptured! Blood rained in the air, and Yan Hu fell onto the ground with a loud plop like bag of rotten meat.

The third spear light had completely penetrated his body. All of Yan Hu’s organs were twisted and destroyed by the power of thunder – he died on the spot.

Coming to Skysplit Tower’s third floor, it was necessary for everyone to be mindful of their own death. People here constantly killed each other. Everyone had chosen the path of death.


Lin Ming stood in the center of the arena stage. He recovered all of the leftover compressed true essence back into the Heretical God Seed and completely restrained his aura. After the violent battle a moment ago, he was now calm. It didn’t seem as if he had consumed too much energy.

All of the martial artists that were discussing the match were stunned silent. They looked at Lin Ming, dumbfounded, without a single word to say.

He had used a total of three consecutive Chasing Thunders!

Every strike was stronger than the last! Especially the last two. They had chained together without end. The first pierce and then the second, all of that happened in less than the blink of an eye!

“How can it be like this… that’s so… unreasonable. This move reaches the extreme in speed, and yet he can use it whenever he wants. Does it not use true essence?”

A martial artist muttered. In his view, the stronger a move was, the faster a strike was, the more energy it should consume. Accelerating to the limit of speed should definitely place a great burden on one’s muscles and skeletons, as well as requiring a massive amount of true essence. But, Lin Ming seemed as if he could use this move as many times as he wanted too. After he used it, he still remained so calm, as if that fight hadn’t even happened.

“The force is so great yet the energy it requires is so little. He can actually use it continuously… this Chasing Thunder is too terrifying!”

“You’re wrong. It isn’t that this move doesn’t require much energy, but instead that Lin Ming’s bodily strength is high and is able to withstand such an extreme speed. At the same time, his endurance and total true essence quantity is alarming. All of these factors together are why he can use this attack like this. If it were you or me instead of him, then after using that move several times our body wouldn’t be able to withstand it!”

It wasn’t known who spoke this, but the atmosphere of the arena fell silent yet again.

Strength, speed, striking power, all of these were abnormal. Not just that, but his defensive power was also freakish. Combined with his endurance and ability to recover, this person simply didn’t have a weakness!

“His strength is close to, or perhaps it can even enter the top 10 ranks on the third floor. Yan Hu wasn’t even able to force out his full strength!”

On the third floor, after reaching the top 10, the strength of the challengers rose yet another level. Especially the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars, their strength went even further. Each and every one of them was a top master that was looked up at and admired by others.

“If this continues then Lin Ming will easily become one of the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars!” A martial artist said with envy.

On Skysplit Tower’s third floor, a Heavenly Demon Seven Star was the symbol of not only strength, but also wealth.

When one reached the level of a Heavenly Demon Seven Star, they would no longer need to worry about having to fight in a match every two months. Not just that, but they received a fixed amount of slaughter points every month. If they subordinated themselves to a High Lord, not only would they be able to receive more slaughter points, but they could use practice areas at high discounts. Naturally, many martial artists were envious of these benefits, but the standards for being chosen were too high. In order to be chosen, one had to have either high strength or amazing talent. Otherwise, it was too difficult to find a High Lord’s favor.

“Lin Ming, victorious! Congratulations Lord Lin, you have obtained the Termination Emblem!” The black-clothed referee said to Lin Ming in an increasingly respectful tone. “For ending his winning streak, you have obtained 12 slaughter points. From a 65 win streak, you have risen to 92, and the reward for that is another three slaughter points. The Termination Emblem’s reward is 50 slaughter points, for a total of 65 slaughter points!”

Gaining 65 slaughter points through a single match could be called suddenly becoming wealthy overnight. Of course, this was mainly because of the Termination Emblem’s contribution. The slaughter points for this emblem could only be rewarded a single time. Next time, there wouldn’t be any.

“I understand.” Lin Ming nodded, and then took off Yan Hu’s spatial ring. He casually put out a hand and the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder flew into Yan Hu’s corpse, taking a random route before bursting out in a fog of blood where a Blood Drinking Seal slowly condensed.

With Lin Ming’s current level, he no longer needed to use the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’. To Lin Ming, the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’ was now a cultivation method. Of course, he referenced the style of this cultivation method in order to achieve a greater mastery of different skills through it.

Lin Ming looked at the Blood Drinking Seal in front of him and pondered for a moment. “If I can use the fusion of the Concepts of Thunder and Fire as a basis and then combine it with the Blood Drinking Seals, and further fuse that into my spear, just what would that be like…”

This idea instantly crossed Lin Ming’s mind. But in his current state, it was far too difficult to do this. Lin Ming was already barely able to fuse the Concepts of Thunder and Fire.

At this moment, a massive amount of infernal energy from Yan Hu’s body rushed into Lin Ming.  After passing through multiple baptisms of infernal energy, Lin Ming had already completely adapted, and no longer needed to revolve the Samsara martial intent to resist it. Instead, he could rely solely on his stubborn consciousness.


On Lin Ming’s arm, the Heavenly Demon Tattoo seemed to come to life. The vicious-looking demon’s expression became increasingly clear as the fourth pair of wings slowly formed. Lin Ming began to approach the level of an eight-winged Heavenly Demon more and more.

He was now a late six-winged Heavenly Demon, close to the peak. If this continued, then he would only need to complete two or three more matches before becoming an eight-winged Heavenly Demon.

And, eight-winged Heavenly Demons were all top 10 strengths on the third floor.

“Then, onto the second match! Lin Ming against Ming Sun!”

As the referee loudly announced this, everyone’s eyes shifted towards Ming Sun. Ming Sun was a Fey and also a peak six-winged Heavenly Demon. His winning streak was at 133. His strength was ranked twelfth on the entire third floor!

Suddenly, Ming Sun’s expression turned ugly.

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