Chapter 575 - Termination Emblem

Chapter 575 – Termination Emblem


One month later, it had been a total of half a year since Lin Ming entered the third floor of Skysplit Tower.

Within the open space of the Concept of Thunder practice area, a young man stood there. His upper chest was naked, and his long hair hung down to his waist. A faint imposing aura emanated from between his eyebrows, but as he opened his eyes, a burst of light flashed within them like a bolt of thunder.

Between his eyebrows was a faint fire mark. It seemed like a scar, but as one stared at it, it made one feel apprehensive, as if some mysterious force was gripping them.

As soon as the middle-aged man in charge of the registration office saw Lin Ming come in, his heart inexplicably jumped.

“My practice has ended. Please register it.” Lin Ming said.

“Oh… okay, good.” The middle-aged man responded as he quickly took out a jade slip. He verified the registration and then refunded Lin Ming’s deposit. As one of the deacons of Skysplit Tower, this middle-aged man’s cultivation was at the late Houtian realm. But, as he came into contact with Lin Ming, he strangely felt a great pressure envelop him.

“This is a return of 40 high-grade Blood Demon Crystals.”

Lin Ming glanced over and received them.

“Well… there’s also another matter… about your recent match schedule.”...

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