Chapter 574 - Late Xiantian Realm

Chapter 574 – Late Xiantian Realm

On Skysplit Tower’s fourth floor, in a luxuriously decorated hall, three robed men stood there. They were watching a battle array disc set in front of them. Above the array disc was repeating the entire fight of Lin Ming and Hong Zhong.

These three people were Skysplit Tower’s High Lords.

In the last battle, Lin Ming had shown Chasing Thunder, using this skill to instantly kill Hong Zhong. Seeing this scene, even these worldly High Lords sucked in a cold breath.

“Hong Zhong also died. His strength can be ranked in Skysplit Tower’s top 30. According to this, Lin Ming’s strength must be ranked at least in the mid-twenties. However, I still feel that he is hiding a part of his strength. If this is true, then his strength must rank in the top 20. This young man is simply too terrifying. For him to have this cultivation and strength at this age, he is absolutely an upper ranking Emperor level talent.”

Among the three 10-winged High Lords, High Lord Shengong was the one speaking. He was the one who had arranged Hong Zhong’s battle against Lin Ming. He had thought that Hong Zhong would be enough to handle him, but he didn’t imagine this would be the result instead.

“We’ve already made our effort. We can’t stop him rising anymore. According to Skysplit Tower’s own rules, it’s impossible for...

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