Chapter 573 - The Road of a Martial Arts Master

Chapter 573 – The Road of a Martial Arts Master

The third floor of Skysplit Tower, practice area –

This time, the practice area that Lin Ming arrived at was… the Concept of Fire!

The practice area for the Concept of Fire also cost a slaughter point every 10 days. Currently, Lin Ming had a great deal of slaughter points, so he could stay here as he wished.

Entering in, there was a vast expanse of space. In front of Lin Ming, the land was full of dark red rocks that extended to the horizon.

Between these rocks, there were unknown plants growing. These plants, without exception, all exuded a very strong and pure fire origin energy. Not too far away, there was a turbid crimson stream surging through. From afar, it resembled lava, but as one closed in they would notice that it was actually comprised of fire origin energy. A scalding hot wind blew off it. This heat itself was much hotter than normal lava; it was enough to directly scorch one’s skin to a crisp.

“This place is… a bit similar to the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm.”

When Lin Ming had first entered the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, he had also perceived the Concept of Fire through meditation. Now, he would repeat that experience again.

This river of fire origin energy seemed simple, but in truth, every wave, every ebb, contained Laws of Fire.

Lin Ming sat on a burning rock floating on the river, entering into the ethereal martial intent...

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