Chapter 572 - Extreme Attack Speed

Chapter 572 – Extreme Attack Speed

The dark demonic gold insects howled forwards, their vibrating horns tearing the air. This imposing aura was shocking to all!

Lin Ming glanced over at Hong Zhong. His features were maliciously twisted, anticipation in his eyes as the demonic gold insects had formed a shield behind him.

Lin Ming sneered. The bodies of the demonic gold insects were certainly hard and unyielding, but the shield formed by them certainly wasn’t the same!

Taking a step backwards, the thunder on the Purple Comet Spear suddenly converged upon itself. The three-colored lightning formed a spear of thunder, perfectly fusing together with the Purple Comet Spear. With the support of the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo, the potency of this attack had reached the limit.

Concept of Thunder – Chasing Thunder!

Lin Ming’s figure instantly vanished. Spear and man became one, turning into a blazing bolt of lightning, arcing forwards!

The demonic gold insects’ attack naturally failed!

In that moment, sound itself seemed to be swallowed up. Lin Ming had become a peerless master spear. He had become the spear, the spear had become him!


Lin Ming turned into an electric light that stabbed into the shield of demonic gold insects!

The speed of this attack was simply...

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