Chapter 572 - Extreme Attack Speed

Chapter 572 – Extreme Attack Speed

The dark demonic gold insects howled forwards, their vibrating horns tearing the air. This imposing aura was shocking to all!

Lin Ming glanced over at Hong Zhong. His features were maliciously twisted, anticipation in his eyes as the demonic gold insects had formed a shield behind him.

Lin Ming sneered. The bodies of the demonic gold insects were certainly hard and unyielding, but the shield formed by them certainly wasn’t the same!

Taking a step backwards, the thunder on the Purple Comet Spear suddenly converged upon itself. The three-colored lightning formed a spear of thunder, perfectly fusing together with the Purple Comet Spear. With the support of the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo, the potency of this attack had reached the limit.

Concept of Thunder – Chasing Thunder!

Lin Ming’s figure instantly vanished. Spear and man became one, turning into a blazing bolt of lightning, arcing forwards!

The demonic gold insects’ attack naturally failed!

In that moment, sound itself seemed to be swallowed up. Lin Ming had become a peerless master spear. He had become the spear, the spear had become him!


Lin Ming turned into an electric light that stabbed into the shield of demonic gold insects!

The speed of this attack was simply too quick. Even many of the martial artists present couldn’t see what had happened. All they saw was a dazzling flash of lightning and the sound of something shattering. Dozens of dark demonic gold insects were shot backwards.

Hong Zhong was beyond shocked. With a loud shout of surprise, his eyes widened. He grasped the overlord spear, bringing it forwards!

However… it was too late!


With a light sound, all of the potential Hong Zhong had gathered was shattered. He stood there, motionless like statue, but Lin Ming had already instantly appeared hundreds of feet past him, as if he had teleported there.


Electric light still sparkled on Lin Ming’s body. The dazzling radiance of the Purple Comet Spear was difficult to look directly at. Because the speed of the attack was too fast, a several hundred foot long fissure had appeared in the ground behind Lin Ming. As for Hong Zhong, his eyes had dulled over and his body was stiff. He still maintained his posture of wielding his spear, the overlord spear in his hands halfway up.

In front of him, a hole the size of a large egg had appeared in the shield of demonic gold insects. There, several demonic gold insects had vanished.

This hole, if one looked, extended straight through to Hong Zhong’s throat.

In the center of Hong Zhong’s throat was a similar hole. It passed completely through his head, exiting through the back! All of the flesh and skin around this area had been scorched black.

The bones of his throat had shattered, broken with a single strike!

Lin Ming hadn’t pierced the demonic gold insects directly, instead aiming for where they attached to each other. Once he destroyed this connection, they naturally were shunted away by the attack.

Although the demonic gold insects had a hard body, the areas which they connected were not as strong.

The defensive ability of the demonic gold insects lay in their ability to separate a portion of themselves to form a shield around the martial artist, using this shield to defend against attacks. But, if an attack exceeded the response time of these demonic gold insects, then there simply wasn’t anything they could do about it.

After piercing through the shield of demonic gold insects, Lin Ming’s spear had stabbed through Hong Zhong’s throat.

There was no chance for him to resist.

This was too fast!

Chasing Thunder fused the Concept of Thunder as well as the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’. This was an attack that Lin Ming poured his complete will and bodily potential into. In the entirety of Lin Ming’s repertoire, this was the fastest attack!

In the power of Laws, the speed of thunder was even quicker than wind!

Lin Ming hadn’t wanted to reveal this card in his hand, but compared to burning the blood of the Ancient Phoenix or using the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, Chasing Thunder was the most suitable skill.

The surrounding martial artists didn’t have time to react. In fact, most of them hadn’t even seen what had happened. They only saw the flash of thunder, and Lin Ming seeming as if he teleported hundreds of feet away. As for Hong Zhong, a hole had suddenly appeared in his throat!

“Hong Zhong… he died?”

Hong Zhong had been winning just a moment ago, but in the blink of an eye, without time to take a single breath, the flow of battle had completely changed! It was faster than one could react!

When Lin Ming had defended against Hong Zhong’s Heavenly Shrine Suppression, people had already expected that Lin Ming would win. But no one thought he would win so quickly, with a surprising move that took less than a second!

“What an amazingly fast attack! Its speed approaches a terrifying boundary. If I fight Lin Ming in the future, I must be careful of this move!”

“In the moment of that attack, it seemed to tear through the void itself!”

A surprise attack could achieve the highest effect. If others were prepared, then it naturally wouldn’t be the same.

In the arena, Muk Gu let out a sigh of relief. He ruefully smiled and shook his head. His worry had been for nothing. “Perhaps… this isn’t Lin Ming’s limit.”

“Lin Ming is someone who knows what he is doing. When he was on the second floor, he hadn’t grasped this attack yet. But, after going into closed-door seclusion for eight months and then spending another two months on the third floor, he was able to. This was an entire 10 months. If Lin Ming hadn’t made enormous progress, then why would he leave?”

Hong Zhong’s corpse slumped down where it stood. But as for those demonic gold insects, they continued to buzz in the air. Without Hong Zhong’s conscious control, they floated without purpose.

Lin Ming’s mind stirred. He reached out a hand and took off the spirit insect bag on Hong Zhong’s waist.

“Come in!”

It was originally impossible for Lin Ming to control these demonic gold insects. But now, since they had lost all order and purpose, he could easily seize them all.

With a wave of his hand, dozens of demonic gold insects flew into the spirit insect bag!

“You are looking to die!”

In the arena, Kai Yang exploded with utter rage!


His figure flashed onto the arena stage. A sharp sword left its sheathe, thrusting straight towards Lin Ming!


Lin Ming’s eyes shined with a cold light. He stepped upon Golden Roc Shattering the Void, instantly disappearing.


The metal ground fiercely trembled. Kai Yang had torn a hole in it. Lin Ming fluttered down several dozens of feet away. He drew the Purple Comet Spear, the spearpoint directed straight towards Kai Yang!


A black-clothed referee coldly humphed, appearing in the center of the martial stage. “During a match, no one may interrupt! Otherwise you will be in violation of Skysplit Tower’s rules!”

Kai Yang took a deep breath. Skysplit Tower had ironclad rules that could not be violated; even the High Lords were no exception. He suppressed the thick killing intent in his heart and coldly shouted, “Boy! Hand over that spirit insect bag!”

“Hilarious!” The corners of Lin Ming’s lips panned up in a sneer. “If I kill someone, then all of their possessions belong to me. Besides their city entrance token, everything is mine! These are the rules of Skysplit Tower; tell me exactly what I have done wrong? Why should I give you anything? You wanted to use someone to kill me, but now that they died, I have to give this back to you? Is there really something so good?”

“You!!” Kai Yang’s eyes flashed with a cold light. “Good! You are very good!”

With a wave of his sleeve, Kai Yang’s robe rolled up. With a faint buzzing sound, the remaining demonic gold insects in the air completely flew towards Kai Yang’s side. However, because the demonic gold insects in Lin Ming’s spirit insect bag were separated into a different space, they weren’t able to receive Kai Yang’s orders, so it was naturally impossible for them to return to him.

Lin Ming wasn’t able to prevent this. He didn’t have the ability to control the demonic gold insects.

Lin Ming looked at the referee, coldly saying, “Mister referee, according to the rules of Skysplit Tower, aren’t all of these things my spoils of battle?”


The referee’s expression was difficult. He hesitated for a moment but remained silent.

“Lin Ming! You are far greedier than a snake! You even want these too? Dream on!” Kai Yang’s heart was filled with a burning anger.

Lin Ming coldly looked at Kai Yang, not speaking. At this time, exchanging words was useless and fighting was also forbidden. In that case, he might as well not speak. Everyone could see the truth. In the future, everything would be settled within the arena.

“Lin Ming, you’d better not step out of the fighting-forbidden zones even half a step. Otherwise, I will have you suffer to death!”

Kai Yang ruthlessly spat out. He was no longer willing to stay in the martial arena any longer. He quickly exited.

After Kai Yang left the martial arena, everyone was silent, not daring to make a noise. The atmosphere was chilling.

But, there were actually some people whispering.

“The one who lent the demonic gold insects to Hong Zhong was Kai Yang. Now that Hong Zhong is dead, it’s completely reasonable for Lin Ming to take them!”

“He wanted to lend a knife to someone to kill someone else, but after being defeated, he still wants his knife back. Is there such a truth in this world? Kai Yang is far too presumptuous!”

“What can be done about it? Lin Ming is only a newcomer, but Kai Yang is a subordinate of a High Lord. If he can endure then he has to. Not to mention that Lin Ming has also obtained several dozen demonic gold insects. But if he wants to raise them, it won’t be a simple matter.”

Lin Ming ignored the discussion in the audience. He removed Hong Zhong’s spatial ring as well as flicking his finger, sending the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder into Hong Zhong’s body to attract his blood essence, condensing it into a Blood Drinking Seal.

At this time, Hong Zhong’s infernal energy also broke into Lin Ming’s body. This was the infernal energy of a late six-winged Heavenly Demon. The density of this energy was extremely high. After it rushed into Lin Ming’s body, the Heavenly Demon Tattoo on his arm slowly became clearer and clearer. The first three pairs of wings were already condensed, but the fourth would be much more difficult.

After absorbing the massive amount of infernal energy from Hong Zhong, Lin Ming’s fourth pair of wings was less than half condensed. This was the same as a middle six-winged Heavenly Demon. When the fourth pair of wings was complete, that would be an eight-winged Heavenly Demon.

After becoming an eight-winged Heavenly Demon, his speed at practicing demonic path cultivation methods would rise to yet another level.

Several staff came onstage and lifted Hong Zhong’s corpse away.

The referee embarrassingly smiled at Lin Ming and said, “Congratulations on your victory. Hong Zhong originally had a 95 win winning streak. After killing him, you should obtain a 10 win winning streak. But, because the disparity of your win streak and Hong Zhong’s is too great, your win streak is directly taken from his, minus 30. Now, your total win streak is 65.

“At the same time, you also obtain nine slaughter points from ending his winning streak, as well as another slaughter point for reaching a 60 win winning streak. This is a total of 10 slaughter points.

Lin Ming’s win streak was originally at 52. After obtaining a 10 win winning streak from Hong Zhong, he reached 62.

Since his win streak was less than 65, it rose to that amount.

“After this match you can cultivate for two months. If you do not come out during your closed-door seclusion, then you will need to make up for the matches you’ve missed within one day. I respectfully congratulate Young Hero Lin and wish you a bright future.” The referee said with a smile.

“I understand.” Lin Ming lightly replied. He turned around and left, walking towards the practice area.

Skysplit Tower’s third floor had new martial artists entering every month, as well as martial artists disappearing every month. These people might have died, or they might have left.

Whether they left or not was a choice they could make at any time. But, there was actually a massive number of martial artists that were willing to risk their lives to stay within Skysplit Tower. This was for the pressure and cultivation resources that Skysplit Tower offered. This practice environment was one that was unique to Skysplit Tower.

This time, Lin Ming went to another practice area. This was for… the Concept of Fire.

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