Chapter 571 - Demonic Gold Insects

Chapter 571 – Demonic Gold Insects

Lin Ming’s Heretical God Force had touched upon the second layer. The Heretical God Seed’s ability to compress true essence had been enhanced, and the increase in strength and true essence had risen to another level.

Added to Lin Ming’s attempt to open the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, his endurance and tenacity far exceeded what it used to be.

Now, with just the Heretical God Force, Lin Ming’s combat prowess was already extremely terrifying. As for his other abilities, Lin Ming didn’t use them. He still had a long road to walk on the third floor.

After compressed true essence erupted, Lin Ming grasped the Purple Comet Spear. The Divine Demon Thunder Soul completely fused into it, and a legion of Blood Drinking Seals drifted in the air. Billowing waves of true essence filled the air like an overwhelming tsunami!

In front of Lin Ming, Hong Zhong’s form suddenly appeared. He had spurred his demon essence to the limit!

Heavenly Shrine Suppression!

With his entire body wrapped in a cloak of black light, Hong Zhong was like the embodiment of a meteor as he came crashing down!

This strike contained the noble Concept of Earth!

The Giant Demon race’s talent did not lie in their comprehension of Concepts. However, under such a top practice environment like Skysplit...

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