Chapter 570 - The Wonderful Effect of Concepts

Chapter 570 – The Wonderful Effect of Concepts

To Hong Zhong, the current Lin Ming in front of him was nothing more than a pile of 1500 high-grade Blood Demon Crystals!

Not just that, but Kai Yang had made a pledge. Once Hong Zhong was able to successfully obtain Lin Ming’s spatial ring, he would introduce Hong Zhong to become a direct vassal under High Lord Heian.

This condition by itself was able to greatly move Hong Zhong’s ambitious heart. Once he climbed up into the High Lord’s graces, then he could obtained a 20% discount, 30% discount, or even completely free use of practice resources!

To Hong Zhong, although this ‘soul bead’ probably had a great value, it was still an unknown object. How could it compare to visible benefits right in front of him?

Thus at this moment, he was impatient to fight Lin Ming.

‘Have I offended this fellow?’ Lin Ming turned his head. He didn’t know what this Hong Zhong was being so antsy about.

Inadvertently, Lin Ming saw Kai Yang in the arena, faintly smiling at him.

‘Kai Yang…’

A cold light flashed in Lin Ming’s eyes. These past days, he basically hadn’t left his practice area so Kai Yang didn’t have a chance to do anything to him. But now that he had to enter the martial stage...

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