Chapter 569 - The First Match

Chapter 569 – The First Match

Within Skysplit Tower, there was naturally a set of rules that governed the arrangement of a match. The difference in strength and ranking couldn’t be too great, otherwise it would plainly be sending people to their death; no one wanted this. Thus, when arranging a fight for a newcomer, it was naturally impossible to match them against someone at such a high rank like the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars. Otherwise, it would be difficult to convince the public that this was a legitimate system.

On the third floor, Xing Tian originally had a ranking at around 150. He could be considered to be in the middle to upper rankings. Since Lin Ming defeated Xing Tian, his strength was ranked around 120 to 130.

But, Lin Ming had cultivated for eight months on the second floor before coming to the third floor, thus Skysplit Tower’s management was absolutely happy to overestimate his strength. After the eight months of practice, they directly determined that his strength was in the top 50 rankings!

This did not matter at all. Skysplit Tower especially looked for someone to fight Lin Ming who was in the top 50 rankings and had hidden his strength. This was Hong Zhong!

For Lin Ming to have such a match arranged against him for his first match, the person who...

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