Chapter 568 - Self-created Style

Chapter 568 – Self-created Style

Lin Ming was proficient in the Realm of the Gods’ array formations. If this vast space was an illusory magic array, then although he might not be able to break it, he should still be able to discern whether it was real or not.

But now as he looked around, he couldn’t see any sign that this was truly an illusory magic array.

“This is a real space! Maybe I left Skysplit Tower, or perhaps there is another possibility, and that is that this is a miniature world. It could have been sealed away by someone with vast supernatural powers and compressed within Skysplit Tower!”

Lin Ming gasped as he suddenly became aware of this possibility. When he passed through the transmission array he hadn’t felt any dizziness at all. This was enough proof that the transmission array from a moment ago only went a short distance. So, it was likely that he was still in Skysplit Tower.

There was a miniature world sealed within Skysplit Tower!

Although his spatial ring could also be considered another sort of miniature world, that sort of world was extremely unstable. It could only last for a few hundred thousand years, and not just that, but it couldn’t contain living beings either.

It was a completely different concept from this stable space in front of him.

For there to be such a stable space sealed within Skysplit Tower that also contained the principles of Laws and Concepts, what sort of immense force was this?

Lin Ming discovered that Skysplit Tower was filled with more and more mysteries, as if there were some earth-shaking secret behind it.

Of course, this was not something he could even touch at his level. Thus he could only sigh at the thought.

Now, comprehending the power of Laws was the most important.

As he slowly floated towards these blue rivers of light, he sank his sense within. Lin Ming could clearly feel the deep inherent fundamentals of thunder contained within.

The blue river of light was completely made of thunder origin energy, but there was not a single arc of electricity. It could be said that this was the most original source of thunder in its most primitive state.

A Concept was a rule. In this world, nothing could be separated from these rules. From the passing of years, the changes of stars, from when a seed grew to a tree, from a mortal’s life and death, everything, every change, was inseparable from these governing rules.

A drop of water. A grain of sand.

Everything contained the power of Laws.

Something that seemed simple was not always simple. As long as one unravaled the basis of these simplicities, all complexities could be reduced…

Lin Ming sat cross-legged on the side of the river of blue lights, entering into meditation. His consciousness was completely integrated into the river and into the power of thunder. The Heretical God Seed began to tremble, and the countless threads of thunder origin energy began to flow into Lin Ming’s body from his acupoints.

Slowly, Lin Ming’s body was completely immersed in the river of blue light. He came into direct contact with the thunder origin energy, letting the vast energy inundate him.

Lin Ming completely opened wide his body, opening his meridians and acupoints. He even opened up the Gate of Healing that he had traced as far as possible, letting the thunder origin energy savagely flow through his limbs and bones. With the existence of the Heretical God Seed, the violent thunder origin energy did not hurt Lin Ming at all…

There was not a martial artist that would dare to do this. Not even a martial artist that had reached an eighth-grade or even ninth-grade thunder fusion compatibility could do this!

Thunder origin energy was infamous for its savage and brutal nature. If one wished to enter this river of blue light, they would have to protect their body with true essence, otherwise their fragile organs and meridians wouldn’t be able to withstand the baptism of thunder energy.

As for releasing their protective true essence and coming into direct contact with the thunder origin energy, just who could do this in order to feel the mysteries within?

Only Lin Ming could totally throw himself into this sea of thunder origin energy and use this method to comprehend the Concept of Thunder.

Like this, Lin Ming floated in the river of blue lights, time passing without mind.

Not knowing morning or night, or how many days had passed, Lin Ming stayed like this for dozens of days, letting everything around him fall away. It was like he had become a wisp of thunder origin energy, soaring between the heavens and earth, fusing into the vast ocean of origin energy.

“This is…

“Yin… yang…”

Lin Ming silently spoke these words. Originally… thunder origin energy was divided into yin and yang, negative and positive.

Yin and yang both restrained and supported each other. When negative thunder origin energy collided with positive thunder origin energy, it would create a bolt of lightning!

The so-called electric current was nothing more than yin and yang thunder origin energy flowing along each other.

Lin Ming could feel the Heretical God Seed within his body vibrate. As he opened his eyes, his pupils flashed with the light of thunder, like a bolt of lightning in the pitch-dark sky.

“The power of yin and yang… that is the source of the power of thunder!”

Lin Ming took out the Purple Comet Spear. As the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo came out, the surrounding thunder origin began to stir, forming a faint purple vortex.

The 10,000 year Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo was originally a spiritual plant bred within an environment of thunder origin energy. Here, it was no different than a flood dragon in the sea. The entire shaft of the Purple Comet Spear began to issue out keening cries of excitement.

Lin Ming’s heart bloomed with fighting spirit.  Energy flooded his body. He needed to release it!


Lin Ming suddenly thrust his spear out. But at this time, the energy that wrapped around the Purple Comet Spear was no longer Blood Drinking Seals, but the radiant light of thunder!

The Concept of Thunder had perfectly fused into this spear strike!


With all of his will and potential concentrated on the Purple Comet Spear, the Heretical God Seed within Lin Ming’s body began to howl in glory. The Divine Demon Thunder Soul shot out, blending into the Purple Comet Spear!

At that moment, it was like Lin Ming had become the embodiment of thunder itself. Human and spear had gathered as one. The speed of this strike instantly reached a terrifying level.

The air whistled. All was pierced to nothingness!


In that moment, a purple electric light cut through the endless sky. A hundred miles away, a light flashed, and the sky seemed to be split asunder by this thunder. Lin Ming and the Purple Comet Spear had become the incarnation of lightning, stirring up all the thunder origin energy in the world. The power and speed of this strike was beyond amazing!

“This move…” Lin Ming suddenly stopped, his eyes shining with excitement. With the Heretical God Seed as the foundation, by utilizing all the true essence and power of thunder within his body, completely concentrating his will and potential, integrating the Divine Demon Thunder Soul within the spear point, and all the while galvanizing the thunder origin energy of the world… with this, his speed and energy had erupted to the limit!

This was his self-created move!

Only a martial arts grandmaster could create their own legacy! This was the first self-created style of Lin Ming’s. Of course, this move that he created had reverted to the slaughter techniques of the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’, as well as using the abnormal Heretical God Force arcane ability as the support.

With Lin Ming’s cultivation, the power of this self-created move shouldn’t have been too great. But with the two abilities above as a basis, the power of this move was extremely terrifying! This was an ability created through a stroke of luck and inspiration.

In a sense, this ability could not be copied; it was a move that belonged to Lin Ming and Lin Ming alone. It was impossible for others to learn this move, unless they also had the Heretical God Seed and Divine Demon Thunder Soul.

“This is my first self-created ability. Although I referenced others’ styles, which martial arts grandmaster has not referred to other rare cultivation methods in order to create their own technique? This is a very good starting point!”

Once a martial artist created their own technique, no matter how powerful the moves of others’ were, they was still others’.

This sort of legacy was naturally created by the founder according to their individual situations. This ability would most suit that founder, and in their hand it would display the greatest might.

If others were to use it, the power would inevitably decrease. But, a self-created move was different. The person who created it could bring out 100% of its power.

“The spear contains an inherent Concept, causing the striking power to rise another level. This is nearly all because of the Heretical God Seed. This Heretical God Force is truly a top supernatural ability in the world. To think I was sitting on such a treasure and never knew how to use it before; that was such a waste!”

Lin Ming mocked himself. But in truth, Lin Ming couldn’t really be blamed. This Heretical God Force was a divine supernatural ability that existed outside of the existing cultivation system. Trying to perceive it through meditation without any help or reference was not easy. Initially, when that Supreme Elder from the Realm of the Gods had found the Heretical God Force within an ancient site, he didn’t have enough time to meditate on it, and in the end, he had perished in the siege of the Verdant Feather Holy Land.

“This is my first self-created ability. With the Purple Comet Spear as the medium and the Divine Demon Thunder as the vanguard, I can change my body into lightning, blending human and spear into one. This move, I will name Chasing Thunder!” After creating an ability, one had to create a name for it. Using Chasing Thunder was appropriate. The speed of this technique approached a bolt of lightning!

“Fusing the Concept of Thunder into my slaughter path, I have created my Chasing Thunder. But what about other spear moves?” Thinking this, Lin Ming’s eyes shined brightly.


As Lin Ming was comprehending the Concept of Thunder, an Imp man was dining within a restaurant on the third floor. He played with the folding fan in his hands, an apathetic smile on his face. “The match declaration has been put down, do you know who your opponent is?”

This Imp was Kai Yang, one of the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars. The large Giant Demon fellow in front of Kai Yang was Hong Zhong. As Hong Zhong heard Kai Yang’s question, his eyes brightened. “Does Sir Kai Yang know who my opponent is?”

The rules of Skysplit Tower stipulated that a martial artist of the third floor had to participate in a match every two months. One could find their own opponent, or they could allow Skysplit Tower to arrange an opponent for them depending on the arrangement of strength. The majority of martial artists in Skysplit Tower were busy with their own cultivation, so the matches were mostly arranged by Skysplit Tower. Because of this, a martial artist might not know who their opponent was until the day of the match.

This also prevented both sides from finding about the other. If one knew who their match was against, they could prepare ahead of time. Of course, this was the best.

“Hehe, I naturally know.” Kai Yang smiled. Kai Yang had pledged himself to High Lord Heian. In Skysplit Tower, that was the same as having access to the highest sources. Investigating the identity of an opponent was an easy matter.

Hong Zhong’s opponent was exactly Lin Ming.

Well, it would be more precise to say that Kai Yang first investigated Lin Ming, and then found out that his match was this large Giant Demon fellow.

Kai Yang drank some wine and languidly said, “Not only do I know, but I’ve also brought a battle array disc of his fight as well as details on him.”

The large Giant Demon fellow was stunned and then burst out in happiness. But as he thought of something, his happiness turned to bitterness. He said, “Does Sir Kai Yang have a liking for something of mine? Why would you provide me with information? I am merely a poor man.”

“Haha!” Kai Yang laughed as he patted Hong Zhong’s shoulder. “No need to cry about being poor. For better or worse, you are still a top 50 ranked master of Skysplit Tower’s third floor. Not just that, but I also know you’re hiding your strength. The truth is that with your ability, you can easily be in the top 30!”

Skysplit Tower’s third floor had 300 to 400 hundred martial artists. A martial artist in the top 30 was absolutely in the upper echelons.

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