Chapter 568 - Self-created Style

Chapter 568 – Self-created Style

Lin Ming was proficient in the Realm of the Gods’ array formations. If this vast space was an illusory magic array, then although he might not be able to break it, he should still be able to discern whether it was real or not.

But now as he looked around, he couldn’t see any sign that this was truly an illusory magic array.

“This is a real space! Maybe I left Skysplit Tower, or perhaps there is another possibility, and that is that this is a miniature world. It could have been sealed away by someone with vast supernatural powers and compressed within Skysplit Tower!”

Lin Ming gasped as he suddenly became aware of this possibility. When he passed through the transmission array he hadn’t felt any dizziness at all. This was enough proof that the transmission array from a moment ago only went a short distance. So, it was likely that he was still in Skysplit Tower.

There was a miniature world sealed within Skysplit Tower!

Although his spatial ring could also be considered another sort of miniature world, that sort of world was extremely unstable. It could only last for a few hundred thousand years, and not just that, but it couldn’t contain living beings either.

It was a completely different concept from this stable space in front of ...

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