Chapter 566 - Into the Third Floor

Chapter 566 – Into the Third Floor

Lin Ming hadn’t opened the Gate of Healing, it was just that there was a faint hazy blue mist near it. This was the way it was. Every time Lin Ming attacked, he could clearly feel the heaven and earth origin energy pass through this mist and into his clavicles, converging into his meridians and dispersing through his body. It was like an invisible origin energy vortex had appeared near the Gate of Healing.

With a constant supply of origin energy, Lin Ming’s long-term combat efficiency had greatly increased. This was also the reason that the Heretical God Force could now last for an incense stick of time.

From the point that Lin Ming began to rise, the Heretical God Force had helped him countless times to reverse the flow of battle. However, the Heretical God Force had a fatal flaw, and that was that it couldn’t last for an extended period. After he used it, it would consume a great deal of his energy; this was the reason that Lin Ming didn’t dare to easily open the Heretical God Force in a fight, instead saving it as his final move.

When Lin Ming first entered Skysplit Tower, his Heretical God Force could only last for several dozen breaths of time. Not just that, but once he opened it he couldn’t...

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