Chapter 565 - Gate of Healing

Chapter 565 – Gate of Opening

“It’s turned to ice?”

Lin Ming was stunned. This was strange… would he have to use the Fallen Star Flame to heat it now?

Using water as a refining medium for alchemical medicine was normal. For instance, one would use a flame to boil medicine. It was just that this Nameless Divine Pill clearly had a chilling yin attribute; would heating it with fire be appropriate?

Lin Ming hesitated. But at this time, the ice lump within the Cosmic Melting Furnace Began to melt. That Nameless Divine Pill seemed to spread slight blue permeations within the solar origin water. Wherever this light blue went, the iced up solar origin water would began to rapidly melt.

However, after the ice melted, the cold energy didn’t decrease. Rather, it became even more terrifying!

Lin Ming only needed to glance at the cold spring water within the Comic Melting Furnace to feel as if his entire body was freezing over.

“The melting ice should be because that faint blue trace is fusing into the water, making it even colder. If this continues…”

Lin Ming’s mind suddenly stirred. He moved his hand to take the Nameless Divine Pill, using his soul force to move it. But in the short time that his soul force came into contact with the pill, it felt...

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