Chapter 564 - Nameless Divine Pill

Chapter 564 – Nameless Divine Pill

To the High Lords of Skysplit Tower, gaining another High Lord was not good news, but it wasn’t something terrifying either.

What they most wanted was to take these outstanding young elites and have them under their command in order to further consolidate their power within Skysplit Tower.

The Giant Demon hesitated for a moment. Then, he took out a sound transmitting talisman from his spatial ring. With a flick of his hand, a flame ignited.

In the dark hall, it seemed especially bright.


On the third floor of Skysplit Tower, within a completely enclosed metal chamber, there was a sturdy-looking black-clothed youth shadowboxing. Every punch he made was fast and made a sound like a thunderclap, endlessly repeating.

As the sturdy youth was practicing, a black-clothed woman suddenly broke into the chamber and said, “Boss, let us deal with Lin Ming.”

“Mm?” The sturdy youth slowed down. “Lin Ming, the Lin Ming that killed Xing Tian?”


The sturdy youth didn’t speak. He continued punching again. Every punch he made against the metal wall loudly reverberated in the room. The specially constructed profound gold room was completely sunken in by the sturdy youth’s punches.

“What do you think?” The black-clothed...

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