Chapter 564 - Nameless Divine Pill

Chapter 564 – Nameless Divine Pill

To the High Lords of Skysplit Tower, gaining another High Lord was not good news, but it wasn’t something terrifying either.

What they most wanted was to take these outstanding young elites and have them under their command in order to further consolidate their power within Skysplit Tower.

The Giant Demon hesitated for a moment. Then, he took out a sound transmitting talisman from his spatial ring. With a flick of his hand, a flame ignited.

In the dark hall, it seemed especially bright.


On the third floor of Skysplit Tower, within a completely enclosed metal chamber, there was a sturdy-looking black-clothed youth shadowboxing. Every punch he made was fast and made a sound like a thunderclap, endlessly repeating.

As the sturdy youth was practicing, a black-clothed woman suddenly broke into the chamber and said, “Boss, let us deal with Lin Ming.”

“Mm?” The sturdy youth slowed down. “Lin Ming, the Lin Ming that killed Xing Tian?”


The sturdy youth didn’t speak. He continued punching again. Every punch he made against the metal wall loudly reverberated in the room. The specially constructed profound gold room was completely sunken in by the sturdy youth’s punches.

“What do you think?” The black-clothed woman asked.

The sturdy youth stopped. He rubbed his hands and said, “Xing Tian underestimated his opponent. But, that’s just the nature of things. Anybody who calls themselves the king of the second floor would underestimate their opponent if the one they fought was a child. I’ve already looked over a phantom copy of Lin Ming and Xing Tian’s battle. I estimate that the strength that Lin Ming displayed at the time should already be nearing his limits. This strength is decent on the third floor. With Lin Ming’s current age, that strength qualifies him as an unusually monstrous talent. But, compared to us high ranking Heavenly Demon Seven Stars, he’s just nothing at all!”

The sturdy youth suddenly kicked out. With a loud popping noise, the entire profound gold wall completely warped, with even the bottom lifting up from the force. It was like a door was opening under it.

The black-clothed woman saw this scene and shook her head; she would have to find a metal alchemist to repair the wall again.

“Lin Ming is currently cultivating on the second floor. Once he comes to the third floor, according to the rules of Skysplit Tower, it’s impossible for him to face a top powerhouse in his first few rounds. That is, he has a great deal of growing he can do before he actually reaches us Heavenly Demon Seven Stars. So, yes, good luck to you.”

The sturdy youth rubbed his nose, his eyes full of fighting spirit. He laughed as he said aloud, “I only fear that he can’t grow and it would just be boring.”


In his practice room, Lin Ming naturally didn’t know about all these events happening around him. With the support of the ethereal martial intent state, he had completely entered into an inspired state, without even a shred of consciousness left. The true essence in his body was moving entirely on its own instincts.

In this condition, Lin Ming’s cultivation speed was extremely terrifying.

Practice went on without a sense of time. In a flash of an eye, three months of closed-door seclusion passed. During this entire period, he only went out one time, and that was to put up Xing Tian’s items that he didn’t need as well as bring back the massive amount of high-grade Blood Demon Crystals from the fay Fey vendor.

Even with the 5% consignment fee, Lin Ming had already brought back over 1000 high-grade Blood Demon Crystals from the fat Fey vendor.

The resources required to practice the ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’ were simply too great. Even if Lin Ming used a high-grade Blood Demon Crystal, it wasn’t too long after he placed it in his hands that it would lose its luster and crack open, completely turning into a useless rock.

Lin Ming would often use several pieces of high-grade Blood Demon Crystals together. This caused his usage rate of high-grade Blood Demon Crystals to be even higher. In three months, Lin Ming used up 1200 some high-grade Blood Demon Crystals. This was equal to tens of thousands of medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals.

In this process, the fat Fey vendor could have been said to have made a great contribution. From the very start, a great number of high-grade Blood Demon Crystals were exchanged. But afterwards, as Lin Ming traded more and more, the amount of high-grade Blood Demon Crystals became less and less even as the price crept up; they simply became very difficult to exchange for. Without the fat Fey vendor, exchanging all these crystals would have been a massive headache for lin Ming.

In the three months of seclusion, Lin Ming had given the 100,000 plus medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals in Xing Tian’s spatial ring to the fay Fey vendor. This was equal to over 1000 high-grade Blood Demon Crystals. Even Lin Ming found this a bit hard to handle.

But, what surprised Lin Ming was the fat Fey vendor’s ability. As the high-grade Blood Demon Crystals on the second floor grew scarcer, he attempted to contact others on the third floor in order to exchange for high-grade Blood Demon Crystals.

There were a great deal of high-grade Blood Demon Crystals on the third floor. There, martial artists mostly used high-grade Blood Demon Crystals; medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals were almost only used for daily expenses.

This also caused high-grade Blood Demon Crystals on the third floor to be more expensive. The conversion price there was 125:1.

Lin Ming didn’t care much about this. It was fine as long as he could trade for them.

So like this, another two months passed. Lin Ming had been in closed-door seclusion for a full five months.

During these five months, Lin Ming consumed high-grade Blood Demon Crystals while completely disregarding the cost. In addition, he also had the top-grade practice room with its rich infernal energy as well as the support of the ethereal martial intent. Lin Ming’s practice speed could be described as astronomical.

In the body transformation aspect, Lin Ming’s talent wasn’t originally considered too bad. After he fused with a drop of blood from a True Dragon, his physique greatly improved. In addition to the repeated tempering that he underwent, his foundation was very solid.

On this day, as Lin Ming was meditating on his stone bed, he opened his eyes.

“Five months. With the ethereal martial intent, I cultivated for five months. This was all in order to lay down the foundation for opening the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, but even so, I’m still far off from the starting point. Moreover, my cultivation has reached a bottleneck.

Lin Ming’s recent cultivation in the last month had become increasingly slow. Presumably, he wasn’t too far from reaching a bottleneck.

From Tempering Marrow to the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, there was a very long path. One had to cultivate the first half of the ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’ to the state of Perfection. It was impossible to complete overnight.

And even if everything was ready, he still needed top quality materials and medicines in order to open the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. The level of difficulty far surpassed that of Tempering Marrow.

To look for this sort of heavenly material in the Sky Spill Continent, one needed a massive lucky chance!

Thus, the road of body transformation that Lin Ming walked could be said to be filled with endless hurdles!

Lin Ming hesitated for a long time. Then, he whispered an incantation and a fist-sized golden orb shot out from his dantian. This golden orb spun in the air several times and a moment later it turned into a small golden stove. This was the Cosmic Melting Furnace.


Lin Ming turned his right hand and the lid flew off. A blue-colored pill flew out from the Cosmic Melting Furnace and into his hand.

Initially, when Abbot Whitebrow from Great Zen Temple had tried to forcefully open the Cosmic Melting Furnace with the Bright Buddha Palm Seal, there were red and blue lights that appeared. The red light was a glob of blood from the Ancient Giant Demons; it was already swallowed by the Magic Cube. As for the blue light, it was the Nameless Divine Pill now in Lin Ming’s hand.

This Nameless Divine Pill was the size of a longan, and its entire body was covered in a layer of chilling cold. As Lin Ming took it in his hand, he could clearly feel the cold air passing into his meridians, icy to the point where it felt like it could freeze his soul.

This ancient cold pressure seemed to contain the flowing time of tens of thousands of years. It was almost entirely similar to the Nirvana Dragon Root. Lin Ming was sure that this Nameless Divine Pill was refined with a Nirvana Dragon Root!

A Nirvana Dragon Root could itself help him complete 100% Tempering Marrow. Then, what effect would a pill refined with a Nirvana Dragon Root have?

Lin Ming carefully examined this pill all over. But, he didn’t yet dare to swallow it. He could feel the highly compressed bone-chilling energy within, which gave him an apprehensive feeling.

Normally, a pill was much more overbearing than the materials used to make it. If one recklessly swallowed one, it was possible that their entire body would burst apart.

“Unfortunately, that old three-headed dog suffered a soul injury in the space storm and fell into a deep slumber. Otherwise, if he was here he would be able to give me some advice.”

Lin Ming slightly frowned. Now that he encountered a bottleneck in his cultivation, he would have to go out and experience the third floor. But although Lin Ming was confident, he wasn’t confident to the point where he looked down on the all heroic young elites. With his strength, if he rashly went to the third floor then he might experience some dangers there.

Lin Ming hesitated and then said to himself, “When I absorbed the Nirvana Dragon Root, I used the method of refining it with clear spring water. I infused the water with the medicinal efficacy and then immersed myself in the water, absorbing all of the essence into my body. That old dog Demonshine said that using this method was much better than swallowing the Nirvana Dragon Root. This Nameless Divine Pill was refined from a Nirvana Dragon Root, so it shouldn’t be wrong to use the same method to take it.”

The advantage of using water as the refinement method was that it could disperse the rich and potent medicine efficacy. This would cause the medicinal efficacy to be much more moderate and easier to absorb.

Since Lin Ming made his decision, he no longer hesitated. Looking at it differently, even if this method was incorrect and he ended up wasting a massive amount of the blue pill’s medicinal efficacy, he wouldn’t feel too bad.

His future path was still endlessly long, there would always be more opportunities awaiting him. At this moment, he had reached a bottleneck in his cultivation and was also beset with dangers all around. This was the best time to use this blue-colored pill. If he didn’t use it now for fear of wasting it, then all he would be doing is wasting time instead.

To Lin Ming, time was the most precious of resources.

All other resources could be found again. Only time could not be recovered.

Lin Ming took out some solar origin spring water from his spatial ring. This solar origin spring water originated from the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm’s general level smelting trial. The spring water itself contained a very rich and very pure heaven and earth origin energy without any hint of toxins or impurities. It was extremely precious.

When Lin Ming was in the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, he drank this sort of water daily. After he left, he carried off a great amount. After years of constantly consuming this water, all he had left over were two large barrels.

The alchemical device he would use was naturally the Cosmic Melting Furnace. Lin Ming opened the first layer of the Cosmic Melting Furnace. With a wave of his hand, a stream of solar origin spring water flew out from the barrel like a shining rainbow, falling into the Cosmic Melting Furnace.

Lin Ming flicked his finger, and the Nameless Divine Pill turned into a blue light that followed the stream of water into the Cosmic Melting Furnace.

Lin Ming stood at the edge of the Cosmic Melting Furnace, looking in from above. As the Nameless Divine Pill fell into the solar origin spring water, the water suddenly began to freeze over at a fast speed. In just several blinks, it formed into one large lump of ice.

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