Chapter 563 - The Eight Inner Hidden Gates

Chapter 563 – The Eight Inner Hidden Gates

After Lin Ming bid Muk Gu farewell, he quickly soared over to the second floor’s city square.

Because of Lin Ming’s arrival, a pall of heavy silence immediately fell over the entire area. Many of the martial artists present now knew who Lin Ming was. As the king of the second floor, his arrival at the city square was like an emperor going out on a journey.

“Young Hero Lin!”

From far away, the fat Fey that Lin Ming was doing business with hurried over, his face covered with smiles. “Does Young Hero Lin have any orders?”

“Have you finished trading for the Blood Demon Crystals?” Lin Ming had left a great deal of treasures here for the fat Fey vendor to exchange for high-grade Blood Demon Crystals.

“I’ve exchanged less than a half. These past days I haven’t been selling any of my own wares; I’ve only been helping to take care of yours!” The fat Fey vendor was doing everything he could to establish better relations with Lin Ming.

He truly had tried his best these past days. All of the treasures that Lin Ming had left to him were scattered and very random. Although every object was valuable, it would be difficult to find a suitable buyer for every item in a short time.

“Mm. I won’t treat you poorly. As for the previous agreement we...

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