Chapter 562 - Road of Emperor

Chapter 562 – Road of Emperor

The waitresses of Noblesse Pavilion were all beautiful and young girls. Currently, several of them were serving snacks and wine. As they filled the wine cups, they would respectfully kneel on the floor. Every position and movement they made was learned through rigorous training, and their smiling faces held just the right amount of bashful shyness. Within Skysplit Tower, as long as a martial artist had wealth, they could live like an emperor.

Towards these things, Muk Gu was already long accustomed. But Lin Ming wasn’t too interested. He sipped a cup of tea and waited until the waitress left before slowly asking, “What would Xing Tian’s strength be ranked at on the third floor?”

Muk Gu pondered this for a moment and said, “I can’t say exactly, but I can roughly estimate that he would rank somewhere in the middle. At most, he’d rank in the upper middle reaches. You should already be aware that the martial artists on the third floor are much older than those on the second floor. Although Xing Tian’s talent was good, he didn’t cultivate for as much time as others. Those on the third floor have nearly all surpassed the age limit for staying on the second, and they have no other choice but to go up. The total amount of people on the third floor is also very low; there are just...

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