Chapter 561 - King Emblem

Chapter 561 – King Emblem

In the instant that the Purple Comet Spear pierced through Xing Tian’s throat, Blood Drinking Seals shot out. Xing Tian’s head was directly sliced off and a fountain of blood erupted dozens of feet into the air.


Xing Tian’s head rolled to the floor. In the moment that the dazzling explosion of light ended, everyone saw the scene of the blood crazily spurting out.

Xing Tian had died…

As the audience saw this, they all felt as if they were in an unreal dream. Xing Tian, who had once dominated the second floor, had died like this!

And at the hands of a human youth!

In particular, the Giant Demons present found this hard to accept. To them, Xing Tian was a representation of their beliefs. The impact of his death on their psyches was too great.

“From now, the king of Skysplit Tower’s second floor has changed…”

“Damn! Where is this boy from!?”

When Lin Ming defeated Lan Xing, it could be said that he was an Emperor level talent. But, within Skysplit Tower, although there weren’t too many Emperor level talents, one could always find them. An Emperor level talent was not equal to an Emperor level powerhouse. Within the entire Holy Demon Continent, there were numerous Emperor level talents, but those that could actually reach the true Emperor level were extremely...

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