Chapter 560 - Blood Demon Descends

Chapter 560 – Blood Demon Descends


On the arena stage, the fierce battle was underway. True essence collided.

The power of annihilation had been completely restrained by the azure true essence.

Xing Tian’s expression became extremely dire, “Boy, your true essence is quite special; it truly surprises me. But let me take a good look at how much longer you can last. In endurance, us Giant Demons are far more formidable than humans can ever be! Show me your limit!”

Xing Tian’s eyes flashed with a savage light. The demon essence that revolved in his body grew increasingly intense.

Lin Ming sneered, “I’ve never feared anyone when it came to endurance or restorative ability. But… you seem to have forgotten something. You have already shown your Concept, but I still haven’t used mine! My comprehension of the Concept of Space and Time is shallow right now so I cannot yet increase my attack power with it, but with my unpredictably style, can you escape it?”

As Lin Ming spoke to here, his eyes turned cold. His spear potential began to stir, and 70% of the Heretical God Force suddenly erupted. The space underneath his feet seemed to strangely distort, and with it, Lin Ming turned into a blue blur that vanished in the wind.

Chi chi chi!

The remaining hazy black lights struck where Lin Ming had vanished, turning...

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