Chapter 559 - Concept of Annihilation

Chapter 559 – Concept of Annihilation

Xing Tian against Lin Ming.

In this moment where the two stood in confrontation with each other, the entire martial arena audience collectively held their breath. The audience of 10,000 people was without a trace of noise and a deafening silence fell over the stage. The atmosphere was incomparably solemn.

Everyone’s eyes were locked onto their bodies.

“Lin Ming! I know that you were hiding your strength in your battle with Xue Man. Let me see just how much strength you’ve hidden and whether or not you have the qualifications to have to make me fight earnestly!” Xing Tian stood there, his arms crossed behind his back and his eyes looking up. It seemed as if he were looking down on everyone in the world.

“Words are useless. Make your move!”

Lin Ming flourished his long spear and his aura erupted like a volcano. Above the arena, one could clearly hear the sounds of the two auras colliding, grating against each other.

“You seem to have confidence in yourself, but what a coincidence, so do I. Although we both believe we will win, only one of us will walk out of here alive today.” As Xing Tian spoke, he extracted a heavy sword from his back. The nine foot long heavy sword was taller than an average man, and the blade was wide....

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