Chapter 557 - Ancient Tome

Chapter 557 – Ancient Tome

In his practice room, Lin Ming was looking over his Heavenly Demon Tattoo. The tattoo had three pairs of wings. The first two were already fully formed, and the third was quite clear.

“I’m only a step away from being a six-winged Heavenly Demon. Xue Man’s infernal energy was too thickly condensed and potent. If I didn’t carefully train in suppressing my inner thoughts, then even I would have been affected by the infernal energy. Although I wouldn’t have lost my rationality, it would have still affected my character.”

A human’s disposition would always change because of various factors. But, Lin Ming didn’t want his character to change because of infernal energy.

Lin Ming took out Xue Man’s spatial ring and withdrew everything inside. There were several boxes of medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals and a small box of high-grade Blood Demon Crystals. There was also a massive amount of pills, jade slips, and treasures. This Xue Man was far, far richer than Lan Xing had been.

Lin Ming roughly estimated the goods. There were around 80 to 90,000 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals and over 70 high-grade Blood Demon Crystals.

This was truly a terrifying amount of wealth. Xue Man killed nearly all of his opponents; it wasn’t surprising that he had...

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