Chapter 555 - The Power of Conception

Chapter 555 – The Power of Conception

With a great shout, Xue Man’s aura erupted. His black muscles originally had a beautiful red sheen to them, but now it looked as if they were leaking blood.

“That is the ‘Supernatural Demonic Blood Law’!”

Some of the audience members were able to recognize Xue Man’s special technique. Xue Man came from a great fifth grade Goliath sect. The ‘Supernatural Demonic Blood Law’ was a top cultivation method within that sect. With the ‘Supernatural Demonic Blood Law’ active, Xue Man was currently in his most fearful incarnation.

“Xue Man is going all out now. He underestimated that boy once and suffered for it.” A Giant Demon said. He was one of those that were hoping Lin Ming would be ruined.

“You idiot, don’t be stupid. It’s true that Xue Man wasn’t using all of his strength in that last attack, but how do you know that the human boy was using all of his?”

“Just wait and see. This is a true fierce melee between tigers and dragons. I really have no idea what that human boy has cultivated!”

As several people were speaking, they suddenly felt a cold air around them. It was like a chilling wind was seeping into their bones, causing them to shiver.

“Mm?” A martial artist turned and suddenly froze where he was, his breath caught...

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