Chapter 554 - Supernatural Strength

Chapter 554 – Supernatural Strength

“What? Are you joking with me?” The martial artist that had been happily enjoying himself was suddenly shocked. In a sense, Lin Ming challenging Xue Man was even more startling than the Sable Witch or Crazy Dog!

The Sable Witch’s strength was more or less understood, but Lin Ming’s strength was a enigma. If he could fight Xue Man and even make him struggle, then that would be an incredible feat! If this was true, then not only would he be an Emperor level talent, but one that was among the upper echelons!

“Save a seat for me! I’m coming right away!” The martial artist pushed off the sexy Fey woman. The Fey woman fell onto her butt, giving a yelp as she rubbed the pain away. The martial artist ignored the woman’s charmingly cute anger as he tossed on some clothes and rushed over to the martial arena.

This scene repeated itself in many places. There were powerhouses...

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