Chapter 553 - Fighting Xue Man

Chapter 553 – Fighting Xue Man

As the people were discussing, Lin Ming heard the names of two masters: Crazy Dog and Sable Witch. These two individuals had strength that could be considered in the top ten. They already had the qualifications to enter the third floor, but they refused and chose to stay on the second instead.

At this time, the match occurring on the arena stage was finally settled. The Goliath master was lying face down in a pool of his own blood before he was lifted away by the arena staff. But the Giant Demon master wasn’t much better off. He had several severe wounds on his body, and he had used up nearly all of his demon essence.

“Congratulations to Zang Gao for another victory! Now, this is already his fourth win. We applaud this victory and wish him greater glories in the future!” A black-clothed...

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