Chapter 550 - Xing Tian

Chapter 550 – Xing Tian

Deep within the abyss that was the source of all infernal energy, in a deep underground chamber, there was a shimmering dark space. Here, a dim candle shined in the dark. Infernal energy here was rich to the point that it condensed into a thick layer of black fog. The candlelight flickered between the black fog, shadowy and macabre.

In the middle of this dark chamber floated a long table. Currently, there were six battle array discs on the table. These battle array discs had already been injected with energy, and phantom images appeared atop the array discs.

These floating phantoms were recorded scenes of some fights of Skysplit Tower’s challengers. On one of the array discs, there was even a scene playing of Lin Ming and Lan Xing’s battle.

“Brother Shengong, this is the data on the currently listed six individuals. What do you think?”

A square-faced, 30 some year old looking man opened his mouth. On his arm, there was a tattoo of a fierce demon. The size of the tattoo was several times greater than a normal martial artist’s, and every texture and line of the tattoo was very clear. As one counted, this tattoo had a total of ten wings.

A ten-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo was the symbol of Skysplit Tower’s High Lords.

“The third floor’s Bai Ling and the second floor’s Lin Ming are too inexperienced; there isn’t any need to fear them.”

The one that answered was a Giant Demon martial artist. He also looked to be in his mid-thirties and his body was wrapped in thick chains. There was also a ten-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo on his arm.

The square-faced man thought for a moment and said, “Although these two have a low cultivation, their talent is exceptional. If we let them develop, they might be able to threaten our status in the future.”

In Polar Skysplit Tower, there were a total of 12 ten-winged Heavenly Demon High Lords. If a new Heavenly Demon High Lord was born, then they would have to split the wealth. Many of the older Heavenly Demon High Lords didn’t want to see this situation occur.

In this case, when a martial artist reached an eight-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo, the High Lords would send someone to negotiate with them. If these martial artists were willing to accept their conditions, they could become a demon envoy under their control and both parties could be happy. If the martial artist refused, then the High Lords would use a more forceful approach and cause them to be defeated on the arena stage, causing them to lose a massive amount of infernal energy.

“These two can be placed under closer observation. The difficult ones to deal with are the other four, especially that fellow called Da Gu. He’s getting close and closer to becoming a ten-winged Heavenly Demon! Is he not willing to accept our conditions?”

The square-faced man said, “Da Gu is very stubborn; he simply doesn’t bother with the messenger that we sent to him. Half a year ago we started to gather together the famous seven-star Heavenly Demons of the third floor, and now we already have five of them. But, it’s just this Da Gu that is refusing to yield. His Heavenly Demon Tattoo has already reached over eight wings. If he defeats some more masters and has a few more chances then he will become a ten-winged Heavenly Demon.”

“Humph, his ambitions are quite lofty. To think that he actually wants to become a ten-winged Heavenly Demon. The more and more infernal energy one gathers in their Heavenly Demon Tattoo, the more difficult it becomes to accumulate. However, it can be lost extremely fast. As long as he is defeated, he will lost at least 60 to 70% of his infernal energy.” The Giant Demon surnamed Shengong sneered as he spoke.

“That’s fine. But other than Da Gu, we can’t lower our guards against the others either. We have to prepare contingencies for them.”

“Mm… we should try to finish the other five as soon as possible. We can leave Bai Ling to Gumu Lang. As for Lin Ming, since he’s on the second floor, we can have Xing Tian handle him…”

As the Giant Demon spoke to here, he took out a sound transmitting talisman from his spatial ring. With a wave of his hand, he lit it on fire.


“The High Lord wants me to take care of Lin Ming?” Xing Tian muttered as a bright flame flashed in front of him. He had been cultivating in his secret chamber when the voice of High Lord Shengong sounded in his ears.

Skysplit Tower was a collection of contradictions. On one hand, Skysplit Tower put out a great deal of tempting conditions such as pills, cultivation method manuals, battle array discs, and various other resources in order to attract all the geniuses of the Holy Demon Continent to come here and kill each other. Because these geniuses gathered, they brought along their various destinies. After they died, their blood would soak the ground and become the essential fertilizer for Skysplit Tower’s infernal energy.

But on the other hand, the High Lords of Skysplit Tower did not wish for the tower challengers to experience true growth. Because if they did, then their interests would be threatened and they would have to divide their power.

Simply put, the ideal scenario that the 12 Heavenly Demon High Lords wished for was this: All of the geniuses of the continent would gather at Skysplit Tower. Here, they would endlessly kill each other until there was no one left, bringing and leaving the massive amount of wealth and resources that they had accumulated in their lives, while their blood became the water the nourished Skysplit Tower’s source of infernal energy.

Or, if an individual was to grow, then they would obey the 12 High Lords and work as their minion, maintaining the daily operations of Skysplit Tower for them.

If this didn’t work, then they could reluctantly accept that this genius would leave Skysplit Tower before becoming a ten-winged Heavenly Demon. Although they would take away a massive amount of infernal energy and wealth with them, they wouldn’t harm the essential infernal energy of Skysplit Tower.

It could be said that any genius that wished to become a ten-winged High Lord was their enemy. They would do anything to stop them, even if it meant killing them. Regarding the great sects that lay behind these geniuses, the ten-winged High Lords simply didn’t care, nor were they afraid of any retaliation. This was because the Blood Slaughter Steppes were forbidden grounds for the strong due to the mysterious curse that existed here. Any top powerhouse from the outside would die a miserable death if they came, and even Emperor level powerhouses were no exception.

This way, the 12 ten-winged High Lords were the local tyrants of Polaris City. Here, they were gods.

“I didn’t expect that this Lin Ming would have developed his Heavenly Demon Tattoo to such an extent after just arriving at the second floor, at least enough that the High Lord is concerned. If this boy grows up, he could be quite an interesting match. But… since the High Lord has given the command, I will eliminate him.”

Xing Tian extinguished the flame with his hand and slowly stood up. If Lin Ming were a Giant Demon, Fey, or even Imp, then the High Lords might be more agreeable to cooperate. But humans would not receive this preferential treatment.

At this moment, another flame lit in front of Xing Tian. This was a sound transmitting talisman sent from Sable Witch.

As Xing Tian heard the sound transmitting talisman’s message, he smiled, “How fun, this is just too interesting! I didn’t think that this fellow Lin Ming would actually want to see!”

Xing Tian revealed a thoughtful look, then lifted his feet to leave his chamber…


The southeast corner of Skysplit Tower’s second floor was the most degenerate and depraved area of Skysplit Tower. It was a derelict area that was spooky to walk through. As one walked down the streets, they could see all sorts of restaurants and brothels. There were even prostitutes standing in the streets naked, exposing their bodies to attract potential customers. There were no taboos here.

In the deepest section of this region, there was an extremely luxuriously decorated restaurant. The martial artists referred to this place as the Midnight Gloom Restaurant. This restaurant occupied over one-third of the road.

Here were the most beautiful slaves of the entire second floor, and the most exotic singers. There was a cellar filled with thousand year wine, great treasure, materials, and the most tasty meals.

Of course, the cost of patronizing this establishment was staggering. A single glass of wine costing dozens or even hundreds of medium-grade true essence stones was a normal matter.

Any non top powerhouse of the second floor would not have the courage to set foot in here.

The Midnight Gloom Restaurant didn’t have many guests; they didn’t even add up to half of the staff.

When Lin Ming first entered the restaurant, he felt a jolt in his heart. At the hall of the restaurant, there was a row of 20 to 30 carefully chosen Fey girls. These Fey girls had exceptional appearances even among the fey. These girls were all 17 or 18 years old, and all of them wore completely transparent clothing, exposing their beautiful curves and the creamy white skin of their thighs.

Whenever a guest arrived, these girls would greet them with the sweetest smiles. As for the attendants in the main hall, they all served on their knees. They served food on their knees, poured wine on their knees, and even had to accept the harassment of some guests on their knees.

Although these young girls wore clothes that exposed their bodies, most of them were in fact virgins. They had been trained for a long time and were all skilled in a variety of techniques. If one wished to obtain a slave from here, they would have to pay over a thousand Blood Demon Crystals. In the outside world, this was an extreme price that only an idiot would pay.

Before arriving, Lin Ming had already become accustomed to the debauched and degenerate lifestyle of Skysplit Tower. But as he saw this scene, he couldn’t help but marvel. In order to satisfy every desire of the guests, the owner of this restaurant pulled out every stop.

As he arrived at outside of a reserved room, a Fey slave knelt on the ground and began to help Lin Ming take off his shoes. Then, she held Lin Ming’s feet and pressed them against her full breasts. In the Midnight Gloom Restaurant, it was a custom to warm one’s feet on the milky white breasts of a slave.

Lin Ming had no interest in stepping on the chest of a woman who had probably been trampled on all her life. He drew his foot back and coldly said, “You can leave.”

“Yes.” The slave was surprised, but respectfully excused herself.

Lin Ming lifted his feet and entered the room. As he saw the scene inside, he frowned.

Xing Tian was lounging back, surrounding by five exposed Fey girls. Behind him, a girl had placed his head between her creamy breasts as she rubbed his temples. The other four were all massaging his hands and feet. They were beating, kneading, or even rubbing with their breasts. As for Xing Tian himself, he had a very enjoyable expression. His eyes were squinted, and he looked completely indifferent to Lin Ming’s arrival.

Lin Ming quietly entered the room, sitting in front of Xing Tian.

After a long time, Xing Tian opened his eyes and lazily said, “Why are you looking for me?”

Lin Ming put down a glass and emotionlessly said, “In Skysplit Tower, the main method to obtain slaughter points is to end a winning streak. As far as I know, anyone that belongs in the first-tier can obtain these points depending on their own strength, and everyone has a chance to divide the spoils. I want the portion that belongs to me.”

After Xing Tian heard Lin Ming’s words, he smiled. His smile grew more and more wide until finally he began to keel over with laughter. All of the surrounding Fey girls were frightened by his behavior.

Lin Ming’s frown deepened. His eyes flashed with a cold light as he said, “Is it so funny?”

“Haha, so this is the reason that you’re looking for me. You are so… ridiculously stupid!”

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