Chapter 550 - Xing Tian

Chapter 550 – Xing Tian

Deep within the abyss that was the source of all infernal energy, in a deep underground chamber, there was a shimmering dark space. Here, a dim candle shined in the dark. Infernal energy here was rich to the point that it condensed into a thick layer of black fog. The candlelight flickered between the black fog, shadowy and macabre.

In the middle of this dark chamber floated a long table. Currently, there were six battle array discs on the table. These battle array discs had already been injected with energy, and phantom images appeared atop the array discs.

These floating phantoms were recorded scenes of some fights of Skysplit Tower’s challengers. On one of the array discs, there was even a scene playing of Lin Ming and Lan Xing’s battle.

“Brother Shengong, this is the data on the currently listed six individuals. What do you think?”

A square-faced, 30 some year old looking man opened his mouth. On his arm, there was a tattoo of a fierce demon. The size of the tattoo was several times greater than a normal martial artist’s, and every texture and line of the tattoo was very clear. As one counted, this tattoo had a total of ten wings.

A ten-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo...

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