Chapter 549 - Muk Gu’s Suggestion

Chapter 549 – Muk Gu’s Suggestion

Lin Ming had long been looking forwards to witnessing an eighth stage Life Destruction master. Ever since he had arrived at the Holy Demon Continent, one fact had constantly been pounded into him. This was that humanity’s talent was mediocre!

In terms of bodily strength, humans were inferior to the Giant Demons and Goliaths. In terms of soul force, they were weaker than the Imps. In terms of Law affinity, they could not hold a candle to the Fey.

The one small advantage that humans had was in their perception. But, this wasn’t an obvious trait because they weren’t much better than the Fey.

In such a situation, how could humans defeat other martial artists of the same level? Along with the Ferals, they were constantly bullied within the Holy Demon Continent.

After Lin Ming learned of this, he didn’t feel comfortable. After all, he was also a human. If the talent of humanity was naturally poor, then that meant he would encounter countless difficulties in his future cultivation.

It wasn’t until later that he had heard about humanity’s Life Destruction. After Life Destruction, one would be reborn. Slowly, their physical vitality would catch up to that of the Giant Demons. This was especially true of human powerhouses that reached seven or eight stages of Life Destruction. Their physical strength would instead surpass the Giant Demon race’s!

An eight stage Life Destruction master would not lose in strength to a Demon Emperor!

Thus, to humans, Life Destruction was a special realm associated with Revolving Core. It was a cocoon-like rebirth process. The danger were obvious, but once passed, one would shatter the cocoon and emerge a butterfly, transforming into a more perfect existence.

Giant Demons and Goliaths did not undergo Life Destruction. In terms of strength, a Demon Emperor was on par with a Divine Sea master that had undergone five or six stages of Life Destruction. As for a seven stage Life Destruction Divine Sea Supreme Elder, a Demon Emperor was somewhat weaker. But compared to an eighth stage Life Destruction Divine Sea powerhouse, they were by far inferior.

Unfortunately, whether it was the Sky Spill Continent or the Holy Demon Continent, there were very few humans that managed to cross eight stages of Life Destruction. Crossing six stages of Life Destruction was already considered elite. Most martial artists could not withstand the pressure and unimaginable pain of a single Life Destruction, and would perish during their attempt to reach the third or fourth stage.

This was also the reason that it was so much more difficult for humans to produce a Divine Sea Supreme Elder than it was for the Giant Demons to produce a Demon Emperor.

“I want to rent that array disc, how many slaughter points will it be?” Lin Ming was greatly interested in this quasi Emperor level array disc. Ignoring the fact that the martial artist was an eighth stage Life Destruction master, what was most important was that he was a powerhouse that comprehended the Laws of Space and Time!

The Laws of Space and Time were illusory concepts, it was rare for a human to understand them.

At the same time, someone that could survive eight stages of Life Destruction was even rarer.

With the two combined, this human powerhouse was undoubtedly a genius amongst geniuses.

In the future, perhaps he might even soar into the Realm of the Gods!

Towards a battle array disc of such a legendary character, Lin Ming definitely wanted it!

The purple-robed man said, “This battle array disc should technically require a three-star authority. But since it’s placed on the second floor, a two-star authority should barely suffice. It will require three slaughter points as well as 3000 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals.

Three slaughter points! 3000 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals!

Muk Gu, who had been standing near Lin Ming, staggered as he heard this price. This sort of price was completely terrifying! Talk about scary!

Lin Ming didn’t hesitate to agree. Being able to look at the phantom battle of this fight was most important. Slaughter points were nice, but they could be earned again. As long as he could further his comprehensions, wasting any amount of slaughter points was worth it.

The purple-robed man saw Lin Ming agree and immediately beamed with joy. This time, he didn’t even ask his servant, he personally went into the storage area to retrieve the battle array disc.

After the purple-robed man walked away, Muk Gu heard Muk Qing’s true essence sound transmission in his ear, “Senior-apprentice Brother!”

Muk Gu’s ear rang. He began to complain in his heart. If he had known about this today, then he wouldn’t have followed Lin Ming up here. Who knew that this Lin Ming fellow actually didn’t care about money at all!

“Junior-apprentice Sister, please don’t ask me for that quasi-Emperor level battle array disc. It just isn’t a price that I can afford.”

“It’s not that. I just want to… do you think that… after Lin Ming has finished watching the battle array disc, he might let us borrow it?”

Muk Gu shook his head, “Even if you want to, he might not let you. And even if he did, do you think that you are the first to think of borrowing others’ battle array discs? Skysplit Tower already has rules in place regarding this. Every battle array disc has spells engraved into it. Only that specific person can watch it, even if others wanted too they wouldn’t be able too. If they forcefully break the spells and violate the rules, then the consequences will be dire.”

Muk Gu’s words dashed away Muk Qing’s hopes. But, her heart still itched with want. That was a battle array disc that recorded an eighth stage Life Destruction Master! This sort of character was even rarer than a general Divine Sea Supreme Elder.

Let alone an eight stage Life Destruction, even a seven stage Life Destruction was extraordinary. In the entire Holy Demon Continent, there was almost a hundred human Divine Sea Supreme Elders. In comparison, the number of individuals that passed eight stages of Life Destruction could be counted on a single hand!

How could Muk Qing not want to see this battle array disc?

Muk Gu was naturally able to sense Muk Qing’s thoughts. He said, “Aren’t you convinced yet? In fact, if you can fight for three slaughter points then you can rent that battle array disc. I can help you with the Blood Demon Crystals.”

Relative to three slaughter points, 3000 Blood Demon Crystals was nothing.

As Muk Qing heard Muk Gu say this, she was suddenly discouraged. Although she was an arrogant and proud talent of her generation, after coming to Skysplit Tower she had been able to see that gap that existed between her and all the other heroic elite youths here. She didn’t think that she would be able to acquire three slaughter points in a year.

The purple-robed man quickly came back. He had a cube-shaped box wrapped in yellow silk. He carefully opened the silk, revealing a jade box that was sealed with layers of spells.

The fine jade box was carved with exquisite patterns and was warm to the touch. The purple-robed man began to slowly unravel the spells one at a time, before handing over a heavy array disc from within the jade box to Lin Ming.

“Young Hero, this is it!”

Lin Ming swept over the array disc with his divine sense, finding it hard to quell the beating excitement in his heart. He quickly took out a box of Blood Demon Crystals from his spatial ring and passed it over to the purple-robed man. “Here are 5000 medium-grade blood Demon Crystals. I want this array disc as well at two more quasi Emperor level battle array discs.”

“Great! Please wait a moment.” The purple-robed man smiled as he received the Blood Demon Crystals. The reason that he could manage Hundred Treasures Hall was because he had a good relationship with the ten-winged High Lord that owned this store. If Hundred Treasures Hall had great profits, then he would benefit too. It looked like today would be a great deal for him.

Soon, Lin Ming chose two array discs with the help of the purple-robed man and the servant. The two array discs were both recordings of quasi Fey Emperors. They were respectively skilled in the Concept of Wind and the Concepts of Space and Time.

After Lin Ming finished, Muk Qing also found an array disc that she liked. But after being exposed to the eighth stage Life Destruction battle array disc that Lin Ming rented, her originally excited mood was dampened somewhat.

“Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, since I’m several years your elder, I’ll call you Junior-apprentice Brother Lin. Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, I have a suggestion for you…”

“Oh? Brother Muk, please speak.” Lin Ming turned to listen to Muk Gu after putting away the array discs.

“It’s about this. Does Brother Lin remember that after Lan Xing obtained his ten win streak, he was challenged by a senior powerhouse challenger? I think it was Huyan Luo, right?”

“Mm, yes.”

Muk Gu said, “The truth is, Skysplit Tower has unspoken rules. After a newcomer obtains a ten win streak, a veteran challenger will come out for the eleventh battle. This is because after a martial artist’s winning streak is stopped, their slaughter point will be given to the person that can break their winning streak. Thus, everyone wants to fight in the eleventh match and take away that slaughter point.”

“There are too many monks and too little meat. Simply put, there just isn’t enough to go around, thus the powerhouses form rules with each other to divvy up these points. Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, your strength is already enough to step into the second floor’s first-tier. You also have the qualifications to fight for such chances.”

“Oh? There’s something like this?” Lin Ming swallowed down a cup of tea. This really was a good method to earn slaughter points. Otherwise, just relying on a winning streak to earn slaughter points was extremely limited. This was because the higher one’s winning streak became, the less matches there were to be found.

Muk Gu said, “This is the easiest way for martial artists to obtain slaughter points in Skysplit Tower. But, you have to be careful of a few people. One is the Fey woman, her nickname is the Sable Witch, and her fighting style is unpredictable and strange. Another one is a Goliath named Xue Man. His strength is incredible and his nature is extremely bloodthirsty; rarely does anyone survive after meeting him onstage. The last one is the Giant Demon Xing Tian. This person has already stayed on the second floor for three years. Out of all of the martial artists on the second floor, his strength is the most terrifying!”

“What? He’s stayed here for three years? In three whole years he hasn’t gone to the third floor?” Lin Ming was surprised. When he was on the first floor, one had to go to the second floor after they reached a 12 win streak or achieved a complete blowout.

But on the second floor, it seemed that no one wanted to go to the third floor. Blackrat himself had already obtained a 19 win streak on the second floor.

Lin Ming thought for a moment. He asked Muk Gu, “What floor are you at?”

Muk Gu said, “I’m on the third floor.”

“With your strength, would you easily be in the second floor’s first-tier? It shouldn’t be too difficult to earn slaughter points here.”

Muk Gu wryly smiled, “No, I’m already over the age limit; I can only stay on the third floor. In truth, a martial artist only needs to obtains a 20 win streak or surpass a five-star Demon General cultivation level. If they can satisfy any of these conditions then they can enter the third floor. However, there are actually very few martial artists that desire to go to the third floor. They will only go if they arrive at the age limit. This is because it is much easier to gain slaughter points on the second floor, and the martial artists of the third floor are both older and have higher cultivations.

“There are many senior martial artists on the second floor that are extremely strong, and have long since gained the qualifications to enter the third floor. But, they actually stay at the second floor for several years. For instance, Xing Tian. He absolutely is a terrifying being. Although I’m on the third floor, I have to admit that I am far from his match. If you negotiate with him, then you have to be careful not to anger him. Although your strength is considered in the first-tier here, the difference in strength between the martial artists of the first-tier are enormous. This Xing Tian has already obtained a Hundred Win Emblem. On the second floor, he is almost a King.”

Lin Min nodded. If he accumulated slaughter points on the second floor and exchanged them for a massive amount of resources, then in combination with painstaking cultivation, he would progress at tremendous speeds. If he continued this for three or four years, his strength would be terrifying.

Lin Ming said, “I thank Brother Muk for the pointers. I will look for the veteran challengers of the second floor and negotiate for my slaughter points.”

“Mm. Us humans are a minor group in Skysplit Tower, so we will receive unfair treatment here. If you have to fight, then fight, but if you can endure, then endure. Adapt to the situation and don’t be too impulsive.” Muk Gu thought for another moment and said these words.

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