Chapter 548 - Eighth Stage Life Destruction

Chapter 548 – Eighth Stage Life Destruction

A black-clothed girl stood in front of Lin Ming. She wore a dark veil, and one could faintly make out the edges of her face. In terms of beauty, she did not lose at all to the Fey. She was tall and curved, and she wasn’t much shorter than Lin Ming. A light infernal energy emitted from her body.

That symbolized that this beautiful girl also walked the killing path.

This girl was named Muk Qing. Lin Ming had encountered her along the road as he was headed to the Blood Slaughter Steppes. Her cultivation had actually increased by a small realm since he had last seen her.

Only a mere month had passed. This girl’s growth left Lin Ming speechless. Her talent was probably no less than Mu Qianyu’s.

“You’re also on Skysplit Tower’s second floor?” Lin Ming was surprised. With this black-clothed girl’s strength, she barely qualified to reach the second floor.

Within Skysplit Tower, one could enter the first level as long as they paid a Blood Demon Crystal. But, if one wished to enter the second floor, they would need a certain level of cultivation or have astonishing strength, enough that they could fight their way from the first floor.

Normally, the first floor was commonly referred to as the outer city....

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