Chapter 545 - Bloody Battle

Chapter 545 – Bloody Battle

“Mm? The Concept of Wind?” Lan Xing’s sword slowed for a brief moment. He was extremely sensitive to the Concept of Wind. The movement technique that Lin Ming had just used had contained an inherent touch of the Concept of Wind.

“What a pity. Compared to me, the difference in our Concept of Wind is like the heavens and earth. A human’s understanding of Laws is truly revolting. Although your movement ability is adequate, you cannot dodge my blade!”

Lan Xing’s sword cut out once more. The speed of his moves made his attack difficult to distinguish; it was as if his body itself seemed to meld into the wind, leaving nothing but a series of fading phantoms. It was almost impossible to tell where he was, he was nowhere and everywhere at once.

Sword lights crossed in the air, forming a net of fine lines. There was no gap in this attack; it was unavoidable!

The highly compressed true essence combined with the Concept of Wind to a nearly perfect degree. The swiftness and deadliness of such an attack was daunting.

Lin Ming repeatedly retreated, but he couldn’t avoid these sword lights. His clothes began to tear apart, and he was surrounded by dangers on all sides.

“Lan Xing’s sword is too sharp and the attack angles are tricky. There...

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