Chapter 544 - Measure for Measure

Chapter 544 – Measure for Measure

Ka ka ka…

The amethyst armor that covered Lan Xing’s body began to gradually sink back into his body, and the arcane runes on his face began to fade away until he appeared like the unbearably handsome Fey youth from before. But, blood still stained his face, giving him a fierce look.

As Lan Xing looked at Lin Ming, his eyes were filled with pride and an intention to fight.

“Young Hero Lan has obtained an 11 win streak. He has officially gained one slaughter point as well as two slaughter points from his gamble with Huyan Luo. Would Young Hero Lan like to continue battling?”

“No,” Lan Xing shook his head, “I will rest for two hours before I begin my 12th match.”

Everyone had thought that Lan Xing would continue and try for a 12 win streak in a single go. But his words had surprised them.

“This boy! From his gamble with Huyan Luo, I had the sense that he was incredibly brazen, but now it seems that he is actually quite calm. He has consumed just a bit of energy but hasn’t gotten carried away by his victories. He actually decided to take a rest for two hours before continuing.”

“Mm. It looks like it wasn’t a moment of impulse that caused him to make a bet with...

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