Chapter 543 - Fey King Battle Body

Chapter 543 – Fey King Battle Body

Whether they wanted to watch for the fun or to see how Lin Ming would suffer, everyone stood up in unison to do one thing – pay the bill.

For a moment, the waiter was swamped with collecting money. The martial artists all hurried over to the martial arena.

“Sir Lin, you…” The young Fey girl was speechless. She had specifically tried to persuade Lin Ming not to go, but it had the opposite effect. The young Fey girl had some good feelings towards Lin Ming. Of course, this wasn’t even the least bit like the romantic feelings between men and women. Rather, it was the thankfulness of a servant that was treated kindly and wasn’t harassed by her master.

In the environment of Skysplit Tower, there were very few men that could remain pure of heart and mind without being corrupted by the malevolent influences. Naturally, she didn’t want anything to happen to Lin Ming.

She wanted to say something, but Lin Ming had already left the restaurant. He directly shot towards the martial arena.

“Haha, how interesting! I’m looking forward to Lin Ming and Lan Xing’s battle. I hope that they do not disappoint me!”

“The results are already plain. The young are just too wild and rambunctious,...

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