Chapter 542 - Another Step Further

Chapter 542 – Another Step Further

The rules of Skysplit Tower stated that one could earn a single slaughter point after reaching a ten win streak. But, this slaughter point could not be immediately used. One had to win again in order to activate this point for use, and if they lost, this slaughter point would be transferred to the victor.

These were the rules of Skysplit Tower.

Thus, the masters of the second floor were like hunters. They specifically focused on martial artists who had reached a ten win streak. If they could defeat this sort of martial artist, they would obtain not only infernal energy but also a slaughter point.

The martial artists that were targeted were often referred to as fat sheep.

A 10 win streak was a hurdle, and a 20 win streak was another hurdle. But, this 20 win streak was a much more difficult and pitiful path, because those that reached this number of victories were more likely to provoke a master.

The last time, when Lan Xing had gone onstage for the first time, the great arena had only held several hundred people. But this time there were thousands of individuals, many of them being masters of the second floor.

These people were all sizing up Lan Xing, estimating his strength in their hearts. This was because to them, Lan Xing was their p...

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