Chapter 541 - Enlightenment Once More

Chapter 541 – Enlightenment Once More

Lan Xing finished his rant, and without any intention of staying at this place any longer, turned around and stomped out.

Lin Ming didn’t think that Lan Xing would have such an explosive reaction. As he watched Lan Xing stride away, Lin Ming shook his head and said, “How ridiculous.”

He calmly took out another box of Blood Demon Crystals and set it on the table. “There are 1000 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals here, you can count them.”

“Mm, alright.” The administration deacon happily smiled and swept over the box with his divine sense. Then, he kindly placed it away. The more this type of guest came back, the greater his profits would be.

“Do you need any other battle array discs?” The administration deacon enthusiastically asked.

Lin Ming thought about it for a moment. He said, “I’ll take three battle array discs with three-star Fey Kings and Demon Kings. I don’t need any others.”

Lin Ming’s interest in Life Destruction level powerhouses was much lower than his interest in Emperor level characters. But, it was also helpful if he understood the different sorts of combat techniques of the Fey and Giant Demon races.

“Alright. That will be a total of 600 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals.”

So far, Lin Ming had...

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