Chapter 540 - Top Grade Practice Area

Chapter 540 – Top Grade Practice Area

When Lan Xing looked at Lin Ming, although there wasn’t any hostility, there was a slight hint of haughty superiority.

The middle aged man opened up the small box. It was stacked to the brim with medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals. The light of the crystals was very pressing on the eye.

As the young Fey girl beside Lin Ming saw this scene, her beautiful large eyes shined. Her own cultivation wasn’t too high, so this box of pure Blood Demon Crystals left a really large impact on her.

“500 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals, no more and no less.” The middle aged man nodded, satisfied.

Lan Xing said, “Administration deacon, I would also like to trade in a few new battle array discs.”

As Lan Xing spoke, he took out four or five array discs from his spatial ring. Lin Ming had seen Blackrat use these array discs before. These were phantom array discs. They could display light images on top and also record scenes.

The middle aged man glanced over these array discs and said, “Five array discs, 500 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals.”


Lan Xing took out another small box that was filled with medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals. Now he had spent a total of 1000 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals.

The young Fey girl gulped. These past years she had experienced a number of fantastic scenes. But, she still couldn’t help but be dazed in wonder at such a large transaction.

“What is that battle array disc?” Lin Ming couldn’t help but ask. A battle array disc cost 100 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals and it was only a rental? What was recorded in that array disc that could be so valuable?

The young Fey girl said, “This is a recording of masters fighting. There are battles between Demon Generals and Fey Generals, there are battles between Demon Kings and Fey Kings, and there are even battles between Demon Emperors and Fey Emperors. This is the wealth of Skysplit Tower, so fees are collected to view them.”

“Fights of Demon Emperors?” Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath. Until now, although he had frequently heard of Demon Emperors, Fey Emperors, and all sorts of Divine Sea Supreme Elders, he still hadn’t actually seen these honorable figures before. To him, these characters were legendary existences. What sort of scene would a battle between Demon Emperors be like? Lin Ming was truly looking forwards to this.

“Are there authority requirements to watch the Demon Emperor battle scenes?”

“Mm…not just that, but it requires slaughter points. I’m not too sure of the exact price and authority requirements, but Lan Xing should be wanting to see battles of four-star Fey Kings and above.”

A four-star to six-star Fey King was equal to a human Life Destruction powerhouse.

Normally speaking, a human single stage Life Destruction powerhouse was much weaker than a four-star Fey King. But, there were many stages of human Life Destruction. Could every single layer after layer after layer still be weaker than a four-star Fey King? What about a master at five to six stages of Life Destruction?

And what’s more, once a master crossed seven or eight stages of Life Destruction, this sort of monstrous genius’ strength would have already reached that of a Divine Sea Supreme Elder. To them, defeating a six-star Fey King would be simple.

“Four-star to six-star Fey King battles cost 100 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals to rent one time. This price is expensive enough!”

In summary, a four to five-star Fey King, was also Xuan Wuji’s level.

“This is Skysplit Tower, everything here is expensive. All of the food and water here is transported from other lands by Xiantian martial artists with spatial rings. Not just that, but there are many heroic youths here. Not a single one of them can be considered poor, and all of them have great wealth. Where there is a great deal of wealth, prices of resources will naturally rise.” The young Fey girl said with a obvious look.

In Skysplit Tower, even mortals would have Blood Demon Crystals on them. After all, as long as one encountered a swanky martial artist and served them well, gaining some rewards would also be normal.

Lan Xing examined these five new battle array discs and placed them in his spatial ring after a nod of satisfaction. His eyes floated onto Lin Ming. He casually glanced at him and said, “I’m quite interested in fighting with you. I hope that in the upcoming days you will appear in the arena, and not try to avoid fighting.”

Lan Xing’s declaration of war wasn’t out of Lin Ming’s expectations. He had noticed that Lan Xing’s eyes filled with thick fighting intent whenever he saw him. It was just that this Fey youth’s imperious tone made him feel a bit unhappy.

“Whether I enter the arena or not will all be my own choice. I will not deliberately avoid anyone, but even if I did, it wouldn’t be the likes of you. If you wish to challenge me in the arena, then I will welcome you anytime.” Lin Ming indifferently said as he straightened his sleeves.

“Ho! Those are some pretty confident words. You should hurry up and choose your practice area. I also want to advise you not to rent a place for too long, otherwise you might find that you’ll have wasted all that extra time.”

“Oh? So you want this to be a battle to the death?”

“Swords are blind. In a battle with life and death on the line, death is par for the course.”

The words exchanged between the two were edged and barbed. At this time, the administration deacon impatiently said, “If you two want to get all spicy with each other then you can go to the arena. This building is for registration of practice areas. If you want to register then do so now. If you don’t then go outside.”

The middle aged man angrily waved his hand.

“I will register.”

Lin Ming calmly walked in front of the deacon’s desk and handed over his pass. His information was listed within it.

The administration deacon looked over Lin Ming’s pass and wrote down some numbers on a piece of paper. He lackadaisically said, “The practice areas of the second floor are separated into five grades. The lowest is the fourth-grade. This area requires 20 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals per year. The third-grade takes 80 Blood Demon Crystals, the second-grade takes 200 Blood Demon Crystals, and the first-grade takes 500 Blood Demon Crystals as well as a single slaughter point…”

The practice area Lan Xing had chosen a moment ago was a first-grade practice area. It required 500 Blood Demon Crystals as well as a single slaughter point every year.

“You said the practice areas are divided into five grades. There is also a top-grade area?” Lin Ming asked after he mulled over it.

“Yes, but… there are only two top-grade practice areas on the entire second floor. It requires 200 Blood Demon Crystals every 10 day as well as a slaughter point.

The administration deacon glared at Lin Ming, a bit impatient. This top-grade practice area was empty most of the time. After all, the fees were simply too high. He would normally introduce it to famous individuals; otherwise, he wouldn’t bother at all.

For one year in this top-grade practice area, it would cost 7200 Blood Demon Crystals and 36 slaughter points. There was simply no one who would pay such an extravagant price. When they did, they would rent for 10 days. Even so, there were still very few people that did. It hurt the heart to have to pay such an extravagant price. It was just like a common poor person that couldn’t afford silk. They would rather take the money and buy ten times the amount of cotton instead.

However, this top-grade practice place was very useful. Cultivating in there for a single day was the same as cultivating in other places for four to five days. Some great figures of the second floor would sometimes pay the price if they were stuck at a bottleneck in their cultivation. They would enter the top-grade practice area for ten days or maybe even twenty, in the hopes that they could make a breakthrough to the next realm.

Lin Ming had heard of the effectiveness of this top-grade practice place before. He thought for a moment and then said, “I’ll rent it for 50 days.”

“50 days?” The administration deacon looked at Lin Ming with bewildered eyes. It had to be known that even the famous figures of the second floor would only rent out a top-grade practice area for 10 or 20 days at a time.

Renting one for 50 days meant it would cost a total of 1000 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals as well as five slaughter points. 1000 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals was already a big deal, but those five slaughter points were especially heartbreaking.

This was because slaughter points were that difficult to earn! Not just that, but slaughter points had too many uses. At auctions and trade fairs, there were many precious and rare things that required slaughter points to buy. Even a top rank powerhouse would be frugal with their slaughter points.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.” Lin Ming nodded. The truth was that he had planned on staying on Skysplit Tower’s second floor for 50 days or so. Afterwards, he planned on attacking the third floor. That was where Lin Ming might stay for a few more years.

Hearing Lin Ming’s assured tone, the administration deacon clearly warmed up to Lin Ming’s cavalier attitude. If he could rent out this top-grade practice area for 50 whole days, then as the steward of the area, he too would have some benefits. “50 days, great! I’ll register you!”

The administration deacon had completely wiped away his previously languid manner. He flourished his pen and began to write with great strokes.

As for that young Fey girl who had come with Lin Ming, she was feeling ill.

1000 medium-grade blood Demon Crystals and five slaughter points for a mere 50 days of rent…

Even if one’s practice efficiency was five times higher, so what? That was equal to 250 days at a first-grade practice area. To save a mere 200 days… the cost was unbelievable!

This was simply a waste, an absolutely self-destructive waste.

Lin Ming naturally knew what function slaughter points had. But, he didn’t lack when it came to treasures, pills, or cultivation methods, so he had no need to go to a trade fair or an auction. Secondly, he had complete confidence that he would be able to earn more slaughter points a short time later. As a result, he happily spent as many slaughter points as he needed to.

As for those 1000 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals, they meant nothing to him. He never cared too much for something as vague as wealth to begin with. As for practice, he only used high-grade Blood Demon Crystals. Medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals were for spending.

Lin Ming took out two boxes that held a total of 1000 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals. These were the wealth that Blackrat had left behind after his death.

Lan Xing grimaced at the side.

This boy!

He was actually showing off his wealth in front of him?

Lan Xing was naturally proud. He felt uncomfortable that there was someone trying to push him down. He already thought that his own spending was lavish, but as he watched Lin Ming in front of him, even he felt pained by his actions. He didn’t care much about Blood Demon Crystals, but slaughter points were a completely different matter.

‘This fool, he’ll rue the day he indiscriminately wasted so many slaughter points!’

Lan Xing darkly thought in his heart.

“Young Hero, would you like to rent some battle array discs?” The administration deacon’s voice was filled with hospitality. If he managed to rent out a high-level battle array disc, then he would also have some benefits from that.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment before slowly asked, “Do I have the authority to rent out an array disc of Emperor level masters?”

“This… no, it’s not possible. Also, the second floor does not have any. The highest recorded battles we have here are battle array discs with quasi Emperors. They cost 1000 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals and a slaughter point for one month of rental time.

A quasi Emperor was the realm between a six-star Demon King and Demon Emperor. It was equal to a fifth or sixth stage Life Destruction Supreme Elder, and was at a much higher level than Xuan Wuji.

“Mm. Then I’ll take one.” Lin Ming had just obtained a Glory Emblem, so he had a two-star authority now. As for Blood Demon Crystals and slaughter points, he didn’t care too much about that. Once he entered the third floor, it would naturally be much easier to obtain slaughter points than on the second.

As the young Fey girl heard the tone of this conversation that was like Lin Ming was buying cabbage from a street market, she was stunned speechless.

As for Lan Xing, his eyes flashed and he sneered, “In order to push me down, you still have do such pathetic things? Is your head really that swollen? You really are childish. As far as I know, you don’t have any more slaughter points than I do, and yet you’re wasting them like this to get to me. You are such a stupid idiot!”

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