Chapter 540 - Top Grade Practice Area

Chapter 540 – Top Grade Practice Area

When Lan Xing looked at Lin Ming, although there wasn’t any hostility, there was a slight hint of haughty superiority.

The middle aged man opened up the small box. It was stacked to the brim with medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals. The light of the crystals was very pressing on the eye.

As the young Fey girl beside Lin Ming saw this scene, her beautiful large eyes shined. Her own cultivation wasn’t too high, so this box of pure Blood Demon Crystals left a really large impact on her.

“500 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals, no more and no less.” The middle aged man nodded, satisfied.

Lan Xing said, “Administration deacon, I would also like to trade in a few new battle array discs.”

As Lan Xing spoke, he took out four or five array discs from his spatial ring. Lin Ming had seen Blackrat use these array discs before. These were phantom array discs. They could display light images on top and also record scenes.

The middle aged man glanced over these array discs and said, “Five array discs, 500 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals.”


Lan Xing took out another small box that was filled with medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals. Now he had spent a total of 1000 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals.

The young Fey girl gulped. These past years she had...

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