Chapter 539 - Three Straight Wins

Chapter 539 – Three Straight Wins

“Will anyone else challenge Lin Ming?”

As Lin Ming stood atop the arena stage, the black-clothed referee loudly asked this question.

The reaction below the stage wasn’t very energetic. In Lin Ming’s battle against Blackrat, his strength had shot up to the level of a four-winged Heavenly Demon. Not just that, but many present were puzzled as to the strange immunity that Lin Ming seemed to have to soul attacks. Relative to Lin Ming’s strength, he had a very small amount of infernal energy, just a tad more than a normal two-winged Heavenly Demon would have. To the other masters in the audience, this degree of infernal energy was nothing at all.

No one knew whether Lin Ming had hidden strengths or not. If they fought with Lin Ming, even if they won they would still be forced to reveal many of their cards. If they exposed their trump cards to others, then that just did more harm than good. The small amount of infernal energy they would obtain was not worth it.

So, many of the masters present lacked interest in Lin Ming.

“Golden Light Sect’s Xu Feng wishes to fight!”

A thin voice sounded out, and a small man leapt onstage.

This man was actually human martial artist. He looked around 20 some years old. The Heavenly Demon Tattoo on his...

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