Chapter 537 - Shattered Soul Domain

Chapter 537 Shattered Soul Domain.

Chapter 537 – Shattered Soul Domain

“Lan Xing wins, who will be the next challenger?” On the stage of the martial arena, a black-clothed referee announced after a blue-haired Fey defeated a Goliath youth.

The black-clothed referee was similar to the blue-skinned man that Lin Ming had met earlier. They had the characteristics of several races; this was typical of hybrid races.

Within Polaris City, because of the constant number of people being born, there were often many individuals that had the blood of other races within them. Using someone who was a hybrid to be a referee was much fairer to everyone involved.

“This Lan Xing fellow has already won two in a row. If he wins again, then it will be his third win in a row. How come I’ve never heard of him before?”

“It’s normal if you haven’t heard of him. In fact, this fellow is new here. I heard that he had a complete blowout just a year ago and gained ten whole slaughter points. After he came up to the second level he chose not to fight. Instead, he holed himself up and cultivated for an entire year. This is the first battle that he’s had since he came out!”

“He went into seclusion for an entire year? This fellow is quite terrifying, he actually has the patience to wait. Even a two winged Heavenly Demon master lasted less than 10 breaths of time under his hand. He’s most likely still hiding part of his strength. I guess that his true ability should be near that of a four Winged Heavenly Demon!”

As the audience discussed the match, Lin Ming was closely listening in. He couldn’t help but pay attention to this Lan Xing a bit more.

The truth was that ever since he came to Skysplit Tower, he found that because all the different races here had different cultivation systems, it was very inaccurate to compare cultivation realms to find relative strengths. This wasn’t even considering that everyone here was a genius that could jump ranks to fight. A five-star Demon General of Skysplit Tower could probably defeat a one-star Demon King from the outside.

Because of this, it was much more accurate to differentiate the strength one had with the winged Heavenly Demon Tattoos.

The stronger a martial artist was, the more wings they would have on their Heavenly Demon Tattoo.

From two wings, four wings, all the way to ten wings and twelve wings.

Lin Ming’s own Heavenly Demon Tattoo had quickly condensed two wings. In the future, as he fought in more battles in the arena, his Heavenly Demon Tattoo would also grow.

“Lan Xing! You’ve only won two games, do you really think you’re invincible with just that?”

A red-haired big fellow leapt onstage; he was also a Goliath race martial artist. Obviously, he had stepped up with the intention of regaining some honor for his companion. In Skysplit Tower, the races were very conscious about their own groups. When individuals of the same race fought, they wouldn’t kill each other often. But, if individuals of different races fought, then their every move would be ruthless. It was common for someone to die during these situations.

“With just you? It looks as if I’ll easily obtain my three win streak!” Lan Xing contemptuously glanced at the red-haired Goliath youth and flourished his sword.

“This Lan Xing is too arrogant, he’s not even placing Hong Mao in his eyes.”

“For better or worse, Hong Mao has been on the second floor for less than half a year but his strength is near that of a four winged Heavenly Demon. It would be unwise for Lan Xing to underestimate his opponent.”

As everyone saw Lan Xing being so arrogant, public opinion began to turn towards the red-haired Goliath youth.

As the red-haired big fellow heard Lan Xing’s words, he laughed loudly and extracted a heavy sword  from his back. “Easily obtain? It’s already a miracle that someone like you could live in Skysplit Tower until now. But your good luck stops here. Now die!”

As Hong Mao spoke, his heavy sword cut down at Lan Xing!


The floor tiles exploded into pieces as Lan Xing’s figure faded away like an illusion.

“Great movement technique. What a profound Concept of Wind.”

Lin Ming could see that Lan Xing had an extremely high understanding of the Concept of Wind; it was even far beyond his own.

It could be said that the entire Fey race was the beloved of all natural Laws.

The talent of the Fey far exceeded that of everyone else in the Holy Demon Continent. In terms of physical strength, they were inferior to the Giant Demons. But they had inborn physiques that  placed them in tune with the natural Laws. This allowed them to easily comprehend the power of Concepts and Laws.

This also caused the cultivation methods of the Fey to be infinitely varied; they were impossible for one to guard against.

“Sacred Edge – Blade of Wind!”

In that instant, Lan Xing’s sword disappeared, vanishing into the wind. In that instant, the endless wind of the world had become Lan Xing’s sword. It was everywhere, and impossible to defend against.

Ding ding ding!

For a time, it was unknown just how many sword strokes struck the Goliath fellow’s heavy sword. It caused him to nearly drop his weapon.

True essence recklessly shot out. Hong Mao was startled, his large figure instantly drew back.

However, Lan Xing’s sword followed him closely; there was no escaping it.

Hong Mao loudly shouted, about to resort to his master move. But at this time, three sword lights stabbed out.

Pu pu pu!

Hong Mao gave a miserable shout and flew backwards. Three bloody holes appeared in his body. As he fell to the ground, a large pool of thick blood formed beneath him.

“You didn’t die? Then consider yourself lucky!” Lan Xing didn’t even spare a glance at the half-dead Hong Mao before he stepped offstage.

The entire audience was stupefied. Victory and defeat had been decided in a mere five breaths of time!

Under the stage, several Goliath youths rushed up, quickly lifting away Hong Mao.

“Lan Xing, three win streak!” The black-clothed referee announced.

“Three win streak. He went into seclusion for one year, and as soon as he comes out he gains a three win streak. This Lan Xing absolutely has the strength of a four-winged Heavenly Demon. Looking at him, he only seems to be around 20 some years old. If he doesn’t die, then with enough time he will definitely have the ability to step onto the third floor!

“It seems another rising star came out. But to put it in perspective, there have been countless rising stars in Skysplit Tower these past years. Yet, there are only a few people with the ability to become ten-winged Heavenly Demons.

“Mm. The higher you go the more difficult it becomes.”

People began to discuss just what would happen to Lan Xing after his three win streak.

Normally, in Skysplit Tower, a martial artist wouldn’t continue past a three win streak in a single round. In a high level fight, one would greatly consume strength and true essence. The only exceptions were if one was too strong. At these times, a five or ten win streak would appear.

“Is there anyone willing to come onstage next?” The black-clothed referee loudly announced from the stage.

As the referee’s voice fell, the black-caped Imp smiled and stood up. He looked at Lin Ming, his eyes narrowing.

“Little Brother, let’s go up together.”

The black-caped Imp’s true essence sound transmission sounded in Lin Ming’s ear.

“This fellow is such a coward.” Lin Ming thought with disdain. This fellow obviously feared that he wouldn’t follow him up onstage, and that someone else would challenge him. This black-caped Imp didn’t have a single ounce of confidence.

Lin Ming leapt onstage.

The black caped Imp closely followed.

“That’s Blackrat. That fellow is really sad, he’s still bullying the newbies.” Some of the people in the audience recognized the black-caped Imp. He truly was worthy of the name ‘Blackrat’.

“Heh, you don’t need to say it. That Blackrat’s trick is quite useful. He’s almost a four-winged Heavenly Demon, and he’s about to earn his 20 win streak.”

“Haha, he might become the weakest four-winged Heavenly Demon!”

“Don’t look down on that Blackrat fellow, he has quite the ability. It’s just that he is far too cowardly for his own good. These newcomers are just too stupid and naïve. I know that the new boy onstage just had a complete blowout half a month or so ago. These young newcomers are usually arrogant and full of fighting spirit and boiling blood. They have no idea how strong they are or just how deep the waters of Skysplit Tower can be. Sooner or later, they will suffer for it.”

“Mm. I mean, just look at Lan Xing. He also had a complete blowout, but then he went into seclusion on the second floor for an entire year. Lan Xing’s arrogance isn’t misplaced, he indeed has the qualifications to act like that. Compared to Lan Xing, that boy onstage is just too impulsive…”

Very few people were optimistic about Lin Ming’s chances. Although it was true that he was very talented, a newbie was still a newbie. Both his age and cultivation were simply not enough; he had to be tempered in the forge of battle. In Skysplit Tower, those that were too bold and careless were also the most likely to die.

“Hehe, little boy, don’t be so nervous. I’ll go easy on you.” The black-caped Imp rubbed his hands together as he looked Lin Ming up and down. His black and beady eyes were narrowed. With his wrinkly black skin, he really did look like a sad black rat.

Lin Ming calmly took out the Purple Comet Spear. Thunder flashed on the spear tip.

Lin Ming’s eyes locked onto the shoulder of the black-caped Imp. He could clearly see the Heavenly Demon Tattoo there. This tattoo had two pairs of wings. The second pair was much blurrier than the first.

“Four-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo… he has over ten times the infernal energy that I do right now. If I can take his, then it will save me a great deal of effort.”

As Blackrat thought Lin Ming was his prey, Lin Ming also thought the same of Blackrat.

“Match, start!” The referee shouted.

Blackrat took out two curved short sabers from his spatial ring. “Little boy, relax; my attacks won’t be too painful.”

Blackrat giggled. Suddenly, his beady eyes flashed with a thick killing intent - Shattered Soul Domain!


The surrounding environment suddenly changed. On the arena stage, thick infernal energy filled the air. It was as if the arena itself had turned into an Ashura battlefield that surrounded the audience. For a time, everyone heard the endless howls of shrieks of the abyss; they had all entered the illusion.

“The Shattered Soul Domain is Blackrat’s killing move. Once he uses it, it will void the souls of everyone within a hundred feet. If the damage is light, then the one struck will turn into an idiot. If it’s heavy, then that person will die. This fellow, he really wants to take that newcomer’s life.”

“Mm, although that newcomer’s cultivation isn’t too high, his talent is just too terrifying. He could actually create a complete blowout at the early Xiantian realm. Blackrat does not want any troubles to appear in the future.”

“Haha, a human genius is about to die! Great! Awesome!”

There were countless geniuses that perished in Skysplit Tower, it wasn’t just Lin Ming. Perhaps as soon as tomorrow, everyone here would have forgotten Lin Ming’s face.

In the stands, as everyone was talking, Lin Ming was standing motionless on the stage without any response.

“Little boy, if you want to blame someone then blame yourself for having too great a talent. I’m also forced to do this, so don’t blame me when you’re a ghost.” Blackrat giggled. His body was like a ghost as he dashed towards Lin Ming, his curved short sabers aimed towards Lin Ming’s throat.

But at this time, Lin Ming’s eyes suddenly flashed with a radiant light. The Purple Comet Spear in his hand struck out like a whip!



Blackrat was shocked. He thought that even if Lin Ming’s soul wasn’t destroyed, he still should have fallen into a deep illusion without any ability to resist. He never thought that Lin Ming would be able to counterattack.

“Shattered Soul Saber!”

Blackrat’s saber changed angles and shot up. He placed the entire strength of his soul attack in his blade, cutting down on the Purple Comet Spear’s shaft.


The curved saber was struck out of Blackrat’s hand; Blackrat was sent flying back like a ball by Lin Ming’s spear!

At the same time, Blackrat’s soul attack spread into Lin Ming’s spiritual sea via the Purple Comet Spear. It rushed into him like a thunderstorm, menacing and dangerous!

But in the next instant, this soul attack was completely buried with the vast swirling vortex of the Samsara martial intent. Not even the slightest ripple was stirred up.

Lin Ming already knew that Blackrat excelled at soul attacks. When Blackrat had caused everyone at the martial artist service lodge to faint, this was all due to his soul attack.

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