Chapter 536 - Skysplit Tower’s Second Floor

Chapter 536 Skysplit Tower’s Second Floor.

Chapter 536 – Skysplit Tower’s Second Floor

“I heard that you wanted to enter the second floor, so I waited there in hopes of fighting you. But I didn’t think that you would stay on the first floor of Skysplit Tower and cultivate for half a month…” The black-caped Imp said. As he spoke, the images in the array disc changed yet again. In Wan’er’s room, a several dozen foot long snake fell down from the rafters. Its body was as thick as a bucket, and it curled itself around the unconscious Wan’er.

As Lin Ming saw this, his eyes flashed with killing intent. Although Wan’er was only his maid, she had taken care of his daily needs for these past 15 days and her work could be considered meticulous. Lin Ming would not tolerate someone using her to threaten him.

The black-caped Imp saw Lin Ming’s eyes flash with murder. He giggled, “You really are as I thought you’d be. From these last few days, I could already tell that you have some misplaced, pathetic sympathy towards mortals. Jeje, I really have no idea where you came from. How could someone like you possibly step onto the killing path?”

“You were spying on me?” Lin Ming was disquieted. He practiced the ‘Overbearing Soul...

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