Chapter 535 - Threaten

Chapter 535 Threaten.

Chapter 535 – Threaten

TLN: the Primate race has been changed to the Goliath race

“These two were quite wealthy.” Lin Ming muttered to himself as he searched through Gu Yue and Zha Na’s spatial rings.

Within the two spatial rings, there were several hundred medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals. In addition, there were all sorts of pills and treasures. Although they weren’t considered too precious, it was enough so that Lin Ming wouldn’t be in an awkward situation where he didn’t have enough Blood Demon Crystals available.

“Mm? Is this a high-grade Blood Demon Crystal?”

Lin Ming took out a rectangular jade box from within Gu Yue’s spatial ring. As he opened it, he saw that there was a bright red crystal inside.

A high-grade Blood Demon Crystal was equivalent to 100 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystal. Even Gu Yue only had a single one.

Blood Demon Crystals and true essence stones were similar: both were stones that contained massive inherent energies and could be used in cultivation. However, true essence stones could only be used to condense true essence and cultivate the dantian. As for Blood Demon Crystals, they contained a vast amount of heaven and earth origin energy as well as infernal blood energy. They could be used to refine and strengthen the body, bolster the soul, as well as many...

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