Chapter 534 - Remembrance

Chapter 534 – Remembrance

Xu Yan brought Lin Ming through several winding streets before he arrived at a luxuriously decorated stone building at the northwest corner of Skysplit Tower.

Although this stone building was built from gray rock, the gray walls were framed with thick pieces of decorative wood and there was a fragrant scent emitting from the area. There were all sorts of precious silks hung from the entrance, and there were massive peony images embroidered upon them. There were several beautiful young girls standing in front of the screen, wearing enchanting clothes that highlighted their sex appeal. Most of them were humans with a small number of them being Fey.

“Hehe, this is a great place.” Xu Yan said with a cajoling tone.

As Lin Ming saw this place, an odd look suddenly crossed his face, “A brothel?”

“No, but if Brother Lin wishes, it could also have this function…” Xu Yan grinned meaningfully. “Simply put, this is a service lodge for martial artists. It is especially targeted for human martial artists. Here, as long as you have Blood Demon Crystals, you can enjoy all the services you can dream of.

“The truth is that the martial artist service...

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