Chapter 531 - Battle

Chapter 531 Battle.

Chapter 531 – Battle

Lin Ming suddenly felt a burning hot energy surge through his feet, sending his spirit soaring into the heavens.

After this energy charged into his body, it recklessly rushed through his meridians, spreading in all directions. All sorts of illusions presented themselves in Lin Ming’s mind. It was like a manic power that had long been repressed in his heart began to wildly gallop around. It crashed through his body, causing his blood to boil...

“This is infernal energy?”

Lin Ming looked at Zha Na’s corpse; this really was the energy that was dissipating from his body. Before, Lin Ming had been relying on the Blood Slaughter Token to absorb a small amount of infernal energy so he hadn’t noticed it, but now that such a massive amount of infernal energy had entered him, Lin Ming suddenly felt his deepest and most primitive desires aroused. It was as if the darkness lurking in his soul was rising to the surface!

He wanted blood, he wanted to kill, he wanted to indulge in and ravage beauties!

At this time, Lin Ming’s mind throbbed with an inexplicable desire and pleasure. He wanted to vent these feelings and lash out like a beast.

This sudden change caused Lin Ming’s heart...

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