Chapter 529 - Polar Skysplit Tower

Chapter 529 Polar Skysplit Tower.

Chapter 529 – Polar Skysplit Tower


The moment when the Heavenly Demon Tattoo manifested on his arm, Lin Ming found that just in front of him was an Imp with a curved dagger looking at him. His eyes shined, as if he thought Lin Ming were his prey. Beside him were also several other Imps.

The Imp with the curved dagger giggled and smiled. “Oh, a newcomer and he’s also a human. My favorite are the humans. This newbie’s cultivation is also only at the Xiantian realm… keke, he’s only 20 some years old. He must be quite tasty.”

As the Imp with the curved dagger spoke, the other Imps surrounding him laughed and whistled at Lin Ming.

Once the Blood Slaughter Token was activated, it would temporarily merge with the martial artist, helping to form the Heavenly Demon Tattoo.

If someone were killed outside of the arena battlefield, then they wouldn’t be able to steal away their infernal energy. Thus, none of the Imps attacked Lin Ming.

Lin Ming glanced at the Imp with the curved dagger. This Imp was particularly short. Most Imps were around six feet tall, but this one was five and a half. His face was full of black, dry folds that were covered with long hairs. It caused anyone who saw him to...

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