Chapter 528 - Polaris City

Chapter 528 Polaris City.

Chapter 528 – Polaris City

Before arriving at Polaris City, Lin Ming had already imagined how it would look several times. After he had experienced the magnificence of the Demon God Imperial Palace, Lin Ming believed that even if Polaris City had walls hundreds of feet high or was thousands of miles long like a limitless mountain range that stretched to the horizon, he still wouldn’t be surprised.

But as he truly saw Polaris City for the first time, Lin Ming was stunned. This was a shock that came from the heart. Polar City was built upon a vertical cliff that rose sixty to seventy thousand feet in the air!

This cliff seemed as if it had been formed by a god. It was as if a divine being had used a heavenly sword to cut the earth, forming a square piece of land that shot into the sky like a celestial halberd!

Polaris City was located atop the peak of this cliff that looked like a heaven-supporting pillar. The city walls were hundreds of feet high, but it didn’t stretch as long as Lin Ming had imagined. The walls were the color of dust, and thousands of thick steel wires rose 60 to 70 thousand feet into the air. They were like white strands of silk that connected to the galaxy. Every thread and buckle was as thick as a man’s thigh.

Lin Ming found it hard to imagine just how heavy these steel wires were, or even how they were attached to the city walls. If the walls could withstand the weight of such heavy cables, then just how solid were they?

After approaching these thick steel wires, Lin Ming noticed that from beginning to end, for the entire tens of thousands of feet, it was completely engraved with a dense pattern of shimmering symbols!

These symbols included those from the language of the Giant Demons, the ancient language of the Realm of the Gods, and even the dazzling language of the Fey…even though there were so many symbols and they should have eroded through the years, they still remained incomparably bright and clear.

Just by touching them, one could feel an energy flowing forth. There was a heavy sense of suppression, as if a suffocating wind was blowing out.

Lin Ming couldn’t imagine just what sort of supernaturally powerful Supreme Elder had opened up the skies and laid down the foundations for this city!

Polaris Heavenly Demon City. No wonder it had taken this name.

This height of 60 to 70 thousand feet was truly worthy of the title ‘Polaris’!

As Lin Ming looked up, he found that there were many martial artists climbing up the thousands of chains, step by step. They were like lonely climbers, slowly, stubbornly, and persistently conquering their path of martial arts, even if they knew that failure meant they would fall to their deaths!

“Polaris City restricts flight…”

Lin Ming already found out about the specific laws here. Although they didn’t suppress true essence, they did prevent flight. Let alone him, even if some Life Destruction Supreme Elder arrived here, they might have to honestly climb up, one step at a time.

These thick chains were the entrance to the city. Otherwise, even if a Xiantian realm martial artist wanted to scale this 60 to 70 thousand foot high cliff without the aid of flight, it would be extremely difficult.

Lin Ming chose a chain and began to slowly make his way up.

These thick chains were chillingly cold and also slippery. If one’s cultivation wasn’t high enough, then they wouldn’t be able to enter the city. If one were to fall down the cliff from this height, then even a Xiantian realm martial artist would turn into goo.

Lin Ming used an hour to climb most of the distance in a single go. He turned around and looked down. From far away, the vast crimson plains were endlessly majestic and boundless. Clouds floated underneath his feet. As these thousands of chains rose into the great blue sky, it was as if they were broken. Such a grand picture was splendid enough to leave anyone stunned!

The martial artists that climbed up to Polaris City were like tiny ants as they made their way up the chains. However, Lin Ming knew that as these martial artists turned to look back, they would have a field of vision like an eagle in the sky. This was the road of a martial artist. The higher they stood, the farther they would see.

As one finally reached the top off the cliff, a howling gale blew. Such a quick wind was enough to sweep away any common person.

On the gray rocks of the clifftop, the city walls had stood tall for countless years.

The front gates were 500 feet high and made of dark gray metal. Every rivet of the gate was as big as a large bowl. At this time, the gate was open; it seemed to be the massive maw of some metallic beast, eating all of the martial artists that entered.

The words ‘Polaris City’ were written in large characters on a plaque above the gate. The letters were like draconic snakes flying in the air, domineering and vicious.

As Lin Ming walked into Polaris City, he could see all of the buildings were constructed out of dark gray stone. All of these stones seemed primitive; they hadn’t undergone much polishing or cutting. They retained their edges and corners, giving off a powerful, primal feel.

The streets were wide enough for several carriages to pass through shoulder to shoulder. At this time, there were numerous heroic geniuses walking along the road. There were even extremely rare Saint level talents here. Although there weren’t too many, they weren’t an uncommon sight.

“What rich origin energy and infernal energy. Polaris City is great!”

Lin Ming praised. But, his praise didn’t last for too long. He suddenly heard a scream coming out from an alley in the street, and a spurt of blood shot into the air. A martial artist with a broken hand came crazily careening out of the alley. Four martial artists jumped out afterwards in hot pursuit!

The martial artists’ hands were wielding different weapons, and they sent sword and halberd energies sizzling through the air, all of them aimed at the vital points of the fleeing martial artist. Obviously, they were planning on killing him.

This scene immediately reminded Lin Ming that this was the Blood Slaughter Steppes. Here, the massive amount of martial artists almost uniformly walked the killing road. Those martial artists that walked this path could accumulate their formidable aura from killing others, and even use this to help raise the progress of their cultivation. Thus, it wasn’t too strange for these types of people to wantonly kill others.

In this land, everyone was a possible enemy. As long as one killed others, not only could they enhance their cultivation method and strength, but they could also obtain the massive amount of resources in their spatial ring.

However, if one wanted to plunder the ‘infernal energy’ of Polar City to complete their Heavenly Demon Tattoo, they had to go to the middle of the city where the concentration of infernal energy was. There, martial artists fought on specialized killing stages.

Lin Ming didn’t want to arouse trouble. He followed the street to the center of the city, and quickly arrived at the source of the so-called infernal energy.

Here, the only building was a massive arena battlefield that covered dozens of miles. As long as one stepped into this killing field, they could directly steal the ‘infernal energy’ of others by murdering them, further completing their Heavenly Demon Tattoo.

“Mm… this is…?”

Lin Ming hadn’t reached the arena battlefield when he suddenly felt the Blood Slaughter Token he was carrying become scorching hot. A heat flowed out from the Blood Slaughter Token, spreading out and then converging into his meridians.

A small, faint whirlpool of infernal energy spun around the Blood Slaughter Token.

Lin Ming’s mind stirred and he immediately understood. This was the natural reaction of the Blood Slaughter Token after entering a source area of infernal energy. A burning fire seemed to sizzle on his right arm. As Lin Ming watched, he saw a faint Heavenly Demon Tattoo slowly forming there.

This image had two devilish horns, sharp fangs, and even though it was blurry, one could see it had an unusually grim countenance.

This was the Heavenly Demon Tattoo…

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