Chapter 526 - Soaring Red Light

Chapter 526 Soaring Red Light.

Chapter 526 – Soaring Red Light

When the black-clothed girl heard this Giant Demon calling out to her, she pressed her delicate eyebrows together in a frown. A faint aura of infernal energy between her eyebrows almost erupted, but she kept it down.

‘I wonder where that Muk Gu went…’ Lin Ming only saw the black-clothed girl, and didn’t see Muk Gu nearby.

“Pretty little girl, why don’t you come and play with me?” Ao Ri provoked again.

At this time, some of the human martial artists were already quietly retreating. They didn’t want to be caught in Ao Ri’s crosshairs.

The black-clothed girl’s eyes flashed with a murderous light and she instantly drew her longsword from its sheath. One didn’t see the movement, but one could clearly hear the piercing sound of the sword energy as it passed through the air. The sharp sword light shined, thrusting straight towards Ao Ri’s forehead!


Ao Ri coldly coughed, and smashed that sword light apart with his fist!

With a ringing explosion, the sword light was broken apart by that fist!

Deng deng deng!

Ao Ri drew back three steps, his fist dyed red with blood.

The black-clothed girl’s expression was surprised underneath her mask. Her opponent had received her sword attack with his bare fist, but he had only been forced three steps back. His fist had been injured, but he was more or less unharmed. This Giant Demon’s strength was no less than her own.

She had originally wanted to teach this scum a lesson, but she didn’t imagine that his strength would be like this. If they truly fought, then it would be difficult to decide a victor in a short period of time. She also had important matters to attend to and didn’t want to waste her time getting caught up here. She turned around and stepped away. Quickly, her enchanting figure submerged into the crowd, lost.

“That little b*tch!” Ao Ri cursed. But, he didn’t chase her. From that one exchange, he could tell that this little human girl was exceedingly strong. She was most likely a top talent from some sect. Although he didn’t use a weapon, his skill with a weapon wasn’t much better than him using his fists. And yet, not only was his fist injured, but he had also been forced back three steps.

“What crap luck, I actually met a top human talent here.” Ao Ri was crestfallen. He had just been full-throated bragging that there wasn’t a single human genius that could compare with him. The result of this was that he had been publicly shamed in front of everyone, and by a young girl at that. That little girl was able to stand evenly against him, and she also looked to be just a bit over 20 years old. She was most likely even younger than he was.

As his heart burned with anger and shame, he swept his eyes across everyone. Immediately, everyone drew back, lest they draw trouble onto themselves.

With all of the human martial artists bowing or backing away, the calm and confident-looking Lin Ming naturally stood out. Ao Ri’s eyes instantly fell on him. “Hm? This boy, it seems that there is some condensed infernal energy on his body. Is that a Blood Slaughter Token?”

The 12 Heavenly Demon Cities had a limited number of Blood Slaughter Tokens. Blood Slaughter Tokens were used by martial artists to assist in condensing their infernal energy and forming the Heavenly Demon Tattoo. If one didn’t have a Blood Slaughter Token, then the infernal energy they gain from killing others would slowly disperse. It would take a much greater amount of effort to condense a Heavenly Demon Tattoo.

Ao Ri had already stayed at in a Heavenly Demon City for over half a year, so he was sensitive to the energy emitted from a Blood Slaughter Token. He was 50 to 60% sure that Lin Ming had a Blood Slaughter Token on him.

But the question was, how could a mere Xiantian realm boy have gotten a Blood Slaughter Token worth dozens of medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals?

Although Ao Ri was wealthy, he wasn’t rich enough that he could ignore the temptation of a treasure worth dozens of medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals. It had to be known within Polaris City, a life-saving miracle medicine like the Divine Blood Pill was worth 100 medium-grade Blood Demon Crystals.

For a Xiantian realm boy to carry around such a valuable treasure… well, it wasn’t Ao Ri’s style to not steal it.

“Boy! Come over here!” Ao Ri said as he licked his lips. He looked at Lin Ming as if he were some delicious prey.

Lin Ming frowned. He hadn’t said anything and he was also standing in an inconspicuous location. And he was the one that was eyed among everyone else here?

“F*ck! Lord Ao Ri is calling for you! Are you deaf!?” Beside Ao Ri, a few of his minions shouted out. To the people of Sun Flood City, anyone that could make a round trip to one of the 12 Heavenly Demon Cities and return safely was absolutely a ruthless monster. It would be advantageous and prestigious to be a minion or someone like this.

“Haha, boy, what bad luck you have.” Behind Lin Ming, the Divine Blood Pill vendor was enjoying his misfortune. He knew that once Ao Ri had locked onto someone, they wouldn’t escape unscathed. “Go away. Why don’t you go join in the fun.”

As the minions saw Lin Ming remained unmoved, they all cussed at him, “F*ck, who does he think he is? Let’s go teach him a lesson!”

As they spoke, they all rushed at Lin Ming. The black-clothed girl’s cultivations had been too high. They hadn’t been her match, so they naturally wouldn’t rush at her so recklessly. But facing Lin Ming, an early Xiantian realm amateur, his realm wasn’t any higher than theirs and he was also a human. This was their opportunity to show off in front of their boss.

The minions attacked together. They deliberately intended to avoid his vital points and attack his limbs. If they ruined this Xiantian martial artist’s body and crippled his arms and legs, then he would become nothing more than waste.


A bloody crimson light shot forth. Lin Ming flicked his five fingers, and five Blood Drinking Seals flew out like arrows! The bloody light leapt into the air, filling the skies with a fierce and deadly murderous intent that came falling down, enveloping everyone. All of the surrounding martial artists shuddered in fear.

One Blood Drinking Seal flew at each of the five Giant Demon minions. Bloody lights cut through the void.


The five Giant Demons cried out in pain as they grasped onto their right arms. Their right hands were all rolling on the ground; they had been chopped off, with blood crazily spraying everywhere! In an instant, Lin Ming had sliced off their hands, but he hadn’t even moved at all.


“What did that boy do? What was that red light? Was that a concealed weapon?”

“Where is the boy from!?”

With a single move cutting off the five Giant Demon’s hands, Lin Ming had shown mercy. After all, if he could cut off their right hands then he could also cut off their heads!

In the square, every martial artist, regardless of race, and all of the various vendors and customers were staring in shock. They had been waiting to see just how miserable Lin Ming would end up. But how could they have expected that this young-looking man was so ruthless?

In fact, if they knew that Lin Ming’s true age was only 18 years, their chins would probably have hit the ground.

The crimson light was too quick. It was fast to the point that they hadn’t been able to see what it was. They only felt a thick and vibrant bloody energy in that instant, and a chilling shiver crawl up their backs.

“You smelly brat!”

Ao Ri grimaced.

F*ck, how could he have such shit luck today? Both of these young humans that he bumped into had been abnormal freaks.

Ao Ri could also defeat those five minions in an instant. But, he wasn’t sure whether or not this young boy had more cards he was hiding. With such an estimate, the chances of defeating this young man were basically a coin flip.

Was this little bastard really an early Xiantian powerhouse of humanity? Even a saint level talent of the Fey couldn’t match up!

Ao Ri grumbled in his heart. In his half year at Polaris City, he hadn’t run into such monstrous human powerhouses. But today, he managed to catch them all.

He had ridden the tiger and now he couldn’t back down. Within Sun Flood City, Ao Ri was an infamous character. If it was known that he was smacked around by a human Xiantian realm boy and ran away with his tail between his legs, then he would be laughed at in the future by everyone. There was no way to extricate himself from this situation.

‘Although I’ll lose face against this brat, I’ll still try my best. If I can catch him by surprise, then I’ll be able to gain the upper hand for three to five moves at least. If that happens, I can just back away and consider it as honorably stepping away.’

As Ao Ri thought of this, he coldly said, “Boy, I admit that I underestimated you a moment ago. You do have some skill. Since you injured my men, I’ll give you a chance. If you can take three moves of mine, then I will let this matter go!”

Ao Ri shamelessly proclaimed. At this time, he no longer dared to scheme about Lin Ming’s Blood Slaughter Token. All that was in his mind was how to gain the upper hand in these next three moves and avoid losing his hard earned reputation.

Lin Ming’s face had a hint of a taunting smile. He’d let this fool bumble about as he wished.


Ao Ri flourished his weapon. This was the medium-grade earth-step spear that he purchased from the Sun Flood Pavillion at a great price. He hadn’t even taken out his weapon against the black-clothed girl, but against Lin Ming, he had no choice but to go all out.

“Boy, you won’t use your weapon?” As Ao Ri saw that Lin Ming wasn’t moving, he felt ill. “If you look down on me, then you’re just asking to die!”

“Demon Tyrant World!”

Ao Ri loudly shouted and thrust his spear out. Behind Ao Ri, the shade of a Demon King manifested. On the back of this Demon King shade was a great pair of wings.

As the Demon King shade appeared, Ao Ri’s aura instantly erupted. It was like the heavens and earths were being stirred up by his spear.

“It’s the Heavenly Demon Tattoo; Ao Ri is serious now.”

“He condensed the Heavenly Demon Tattoo in Polaris City. It is able to increase the power of demonic martial skills. I’m so jealous of him.”

Everyone sighed. At this time, Lin Ming attacked. Without a weapon in hand, he took a sudden step forwards and punched out.

Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist!

Vibrating true essence combined with dozens of Blood Drinking Seals as they shot out. The sky filled with flashing red lights, and the winged Heavenly Demon shade was directly cut into pieces by the Blood Drinking Seals. Right after, the vibrating true essence broke it apart, disintegrating it into nothing!


Ao Ri’s expression changed. He desperately stimulated all of his bodily demon essence protection to the limit. However, how could mere bodily demon essence stand up to the incomparably sharp Blood Drinking Seals?


Ao Ri’s protective true essence was torn apart like it was thin paper. He spat out a mouthful of blood and flew backwards, landing unconscious on the floor.

After winning with a single move, Lin Ming wasn’t moved. With his current strength, there were very few people in the younger generation that were a worthy opponent for him. Not to mention that Ao Ri wasn’t even a top talent of the younger generation. That fellow Muk Gu that he had met before was much more formidable.

“He’s too strong; Ao Ri isn’t even on his level!”

“This strength may not be able to sweep away everyone in the outer ward of Polaris City, but it should be enough to rule over a small area! This fellow is only at the early Xiantian realm, but he looks so young. I don’t know which sect raised a talent like this. It’s hard to imagine that a human Xiantian martial artist would be able to cultivate to this degree…”

As the surrounding martial artists discussed Lin Ming, the Divine Blood Pill vendor behind him turned ashen. In Sun Flood City, although casual murder in the streets didn’t happen often, it did happen. If this young man could defeat Ao Ri so easily, then he could die just as easily. It wasn’t difficult to imagine the scene that would occur. As the vendor thought back to his rude and dismissive behavior towards Lin Ming, he felt chills crawl up his spine. He was terrified…

1000 feet away from the square, a black-clothed youth faintly smiled. “Hoh, you really can’t judge a book by its cover. Junior-apprentice Sister, this young man is much stronger than you are.”

The black-clothed youth who spoke was Muk Gu. Beside him was the black-clothed girl, his junior-apprentice sister Muk Qing.

“He is truly stronger than I am, but, I believe I will be able to surpass him in the next several years!” Muk Qing said, not too satisfied.

“Surpass him? That might not be possible. He might even be younger than you.” Muk Gu glanced at Muk Qing and smiled.

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