Chapter 526 - Soaring Red Light

Chapter 526 Soaring Red Light.

Chapter 526 – Soaring Red Light

When the black-clothed girl heard this Giant Demon calling out to her, she pressed her delicate eyebrows together in a frown. A faint aura of infernal energy between her eyebrows almost erupted, but she kept it down.

‘I wonder where that Muk Gu went…’ Lin Ming only saw the black-clothed girl, and didn’t see Muk Gu nearby.

“Pretty little girl, why don’t you come and play with me?” Ao Ri provoked again.

At this time, some of the human martial artists were already quietly retreating. They didn’t want to be caught in Ao Ri’s crosshairs.

The black-clothed girl’s eyes flashed with a murderous light and she instantly drew her longsword from its sheath. One didn’t see the movement, but one could clearly hear the piercing sound of the sword energy as it passed through the air. The sharp sword light shined, thrusting straight towards Ao Ri’s forehead!


Ao Ri coldly coughed, and smashed that sword light apart with his fist!

With a ringing explosion, the sword light was broken apart by that fist!

Deng deng deng!

Ao Ri drew back three steps, his fist dyed red with blood.

The black-clothed girl’s expression was surprised underneath her mask. Her opponent had received her sword attack with his bare fist, but he had only...

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