Chapter 525 - Murder in the Streets

Chapter 525 Murder in the Streets.

Chapter 525 – Murder in the Streets

The Fey had a very long and glorious history. Now they occupied the Western Region of the Holy Demon Continent. Because both the men and woman of the Fey race were exceptionally beautiful, they were often captured to be used for sexual cultivation purposes. Within the Holy Demon Continent, there were countless martial artists that walked down the road of obscenity, including both men and women.

Due to this, the sexual slave trade of the Fey race was flourishing. Besides sexual slaves, the beautiful mortal Fey were often indentured as servants, concubines, or catamites. There were even mortal Fey and untalented Fey who were willing to contract themselves to powerhouses to seek asylum. In this cruel and brutal Holy Demon Continent, this was an easier way to survive.

Besides the Fey, there were also the Dwarves, the Primates, the Ferals, and all sorts of other races. This was a major eye-opener for Lin Ming. Within the Sky Spill Continent, this was an unprecedented marvelous sight.

In terms of influence and power, the Giant Demon race ranked number one within the Holy Demon Continent. This was followed by the Dwarves, the Primates, and then humans as fourth....

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